The Home Inspection

Immediately after meeting with our wedding DJ, we headed over to our “new” house (which is currently in escrow and should close at the end of the month). It was time to meet with a home inspector, who had been reviewing the structure for a few hours prior. Even with newer builds, you’re crazy to complete the transaction without a full home inspection – and you’d be lucky to find a home inspector who is half as detail-oriented as ours was.

He pointed out a few things that needed to be addressed in the short-term, but nothing was sending up red flags. I was more impressed with what the home inspector gave us at the end of our meeting: a “Homeowner’s Handbook” (expanded edition, including information on earthquake safety). It came wrapped inside a binder, along with a general guide for our impending inspection report.

I don’t know if I’ll ever read or retain all of the information contained inside the inspection kit, but it’s nice to know that it’s here for future perusal. There’s even a tab dedicated to the life expectancy for general products, items, and materials in the average home.