The World's Funniest API

Sean Hickey has created an amazing workflow for both Brad and myself in bLaugh comic publishing. In doing so, he’s also created a WordPress plugin for the comic (found on his own amazing WP Plugins directory). It’s Sidebar Widget compatible, BTW. I thought it would have been nicer to see bLaugh show up on my Admin Dashboard page – but this’ll do for those who don’t wanna dink with the JavaScript stuff. No matter, I’ve updated our comic syndication page (which now includes MySpace options).

In other (semi-related) news, bLaugh is the world’s first comic to have an API. Yes, you can download the bLaugh API documentation (PDF) immediately. Sean conceived of and crafted it himself, telling me that REST functionality is coming. I couldn’t do that, largely because there’s no REST for the wicked (and I’m a wicked, wicked little man). Plus, I’m not a developer.