I Made the 25 Worst Web Sites List

PC World has published a list of The 25 Worst Web Sites. Weighing in at #25, Rentmychest.com:

Look up the word hunk in any dictionary, and you will not find a picture of a bare-chested Chris Pirillo, the guy behind download sites such as lockergnome.com. But you used to be able to find several such pictures at this site, where the pasty, paunchy Pirillo auctioned off messages, written on his chest with magic marker, for $20 a pop. These days the marker-based messages are gone, replaced by a single background image that I wish I hadn’t seen and a bunch of linked keywords. Believe it or not, the keywords are actually more expensive, starting at $200. Look, Chris may know his downloads, but please, somebody buy this man a gym membership.

I get the last laugh, though. My chest rentals have generated over $5,000 in revenue so far – which is likely a little more than you’ve made from your own torso. 😉