Akismet Lacks Essential Features

I get a lot of comment spam, and Akismet blocks most of that spam effectively. Here’s the problem: the Akismet service isn’t paginated. So, even though my Akismet WordPress plugin tells me that I currently have 2,402 potential spam messages in the queue, I can only view the first 150 (?) or so. I run into this problem even when I’m not on vacation, as I frequently receive 300+ spam comments overnight.

You can delete all of the spam from your database with a single click. This operation cannot be undone, so you may wish to check to ensure that no legitimate comments got through first. Spam is automatically deleted after 15 days, so don’t sweat it.

But I don’t want to delete ’em all – I just want to delete what I see on the first page. I still need to review the other pieces of potential spam that Akismet isn’t showing me. It would also be helpful if I could sort comments by “spam likeliness.” Akismet is certainly the best solution out there for combating blog spam, but there’s a lot of room for improvement.