Windows Live Writer

Ponzi hates the WordPress admin interface – hates it to the point where she complains about it every time she views it. As such, I think she’s decided to stop blogging (although she loves talking about blogging, she never actually gets around to doing it). I don’t mind it with SpotMilk, actually. Every time I go looking for a desktop blog management tool, I always go back to the original Web interface. The Windows Live Writer is hoping to change all that, but they’re not even close to winning me over (haphazard fonts, few customization options, built on the slow .NET platform, etc.). I think it’ll be good at v3.0, but let’s just see if Ponzi likes v1.0. Until then, I’ll continue to prepare posts in Outlook message windows. Anybody else giving this newly-released Windows Live Writer utility a stab – or comparing it against other clients like w.Bloggar (which is also in sad need of updating)?