Thank You, Thank You

I swear, I’m not leaving anybody out intentionally (if I do, I will edit the post if corrected appropriately). I hate naming names because I really want to give everybody credit for the help they’ve given us for Gnomedex 6 activities. If your name gets left out, I promise to make it up to you. Thanks goes to:

  • Ponzi!
  • My parents: Joe & Judy Pirillo
  • Sponsors: Microsoft; Yahoo; GoDaddy; Ask; AMD; CacheFly; MindJet; PRWeb; Waggener Edstrom; WetPaint; WeatherBug; WhatCounts
  • Volunteers: Aryeh Goretsky; Lockergnome Forum Moderators; Boris Mann; Kosso; Andru & Monica Edwards; Harry Hayes; Maryam Scoble (and her friend, Leyla); Nancy Folsom; Jake Ludington; Brandon Paddock;
  • Discussion Leaders and Participants: Steve Gillmor; Werner Vogels; Susan Mernit; Steve Rubel; Pud Kaplan; pt; Michael Arrington ; Marc Canter; Halley Suitt; Ethan Kaplan; Dave Winer; Dave Dederer; Chris Messina; John Edwards; Blake Ross; Robert Scoble
  • Gnomedexers: past, present, and future
  • Core Lockergnome Team: Bob Fogarty; Shayne Sweeney; Matt Hartley; Mitch Keeler; Diana Huggins; Countless Contributing Authors