Square on NetSquared

News of the upcoming NetSquared conference:

Hey Chris and Ponzi, I’m emailing the folks I’ve interviewed for Net Squared who aren’t coming to the Net Squared conference next week with some info about the online component in case you are interested in joining us there and/or helping spread the word about this part of things. On May 30 and 31st, we’re fitting 350 people into one of Cisco’s conference centers and hunkering down for a series of discussions that get straight to the point. The agenda’s here and here are the folks who will be there. We can’t fit more people into the conference — but we can fit them into an online version. We’ve scheduled speakers to appear in online chat session to answer questions on the topics about which they are passionate. You can see the lineup here: MeetUp, Bloglines, CreativeCommons, Libraries, health care. Those are some of the many topics to be covered in the live online part of the conference. I’m writing today to ask you to share the word about this remote conference. People can chime in, from their desktops and w/o having spend any $$$ on a plane ticket or a hotel.

Which reminds me: I’ve gotta start putting the agenda for Gnomedex together. We have most of the players in line… it’s figuring out who’s on stage before the other. I hate scheduling (coordinating it, that is).