From BlogWare to WordPress – Part Deux

Getting the code out of BlogWare and into WordPress was one thing. Getting everything else to work well has been something of a task. All my old URLs didn’t have any helpful keywords in them, so the 404 redirect script I found wasn’t working as effectively as it might have. Shayne pointed out that both the old URLs and new URLs have date information in them, so it would just take a little scripting before things would work easier for all those search engine visitors. I’ve got a new Google Sitemap submitted, FWIW.

I remembered the WP-Hackers, which we used to develop a plugin – both standalone, and for the amazingly awesome Ultimate Tag Warrior. I posted my request, and received several satisfactory answers. Mark Jaquith responded with a single line of code that needed to be placed at the top of the .htaccess file. Easy. Done. Awesome.