Captain 149

What a long two months this has been. You might remember that back in the beginning of March, I weighed in at 175 pounds at 5'5″ – only I reported in as Captain 173 after a few days of initial progress. Who really wants to admit they're short and overweight? In order for me to progress, I had to come out and embarass myself. I provided progress at the one-month mark as Captain 160. Today, two full months from the start, I've lost a total of 25 pounds of fat. I still have a few extra pounds to go (with my final goal being between 140 – 145). My Tanita scale measures my BMI between 22 and 23, which is completely normal – unlike the generalized Internet BMI calculators which would have me at 25 (overweight). My numbers are good, all around – and I've created some Excel charts to illustrate the decline:

The discrepancies may not seem dramatic – but I've lost a full inch from my neck, three inches from my chest, five and a half inches from my waist, two inches from my hip, and two and a half inches from my thigh. Those are huge differences! The secret, as I've revealed several times over, has been watching my caloric intake and expending energy (exercising) at least 3x a week. I'm almost in maintenance mode, and I'm making habits out of my activities. Keeping myself in check at least once a week is the only way I'll be able to stay this way forever. I need to thank all of you for helping, too – especially Ponzi. I'm officially between 149.8 and 150.0, so… that's enough for me to claim I'm in the 140s again. 🙂