Notepad Wars

Why is it that I'm continually looking for a better Notepad clone? Could be that it's so quick to load, and so easy to use. For years, I swore by Metapad, but then development came to a screeching halt. I started to use UltraEdit for a while, but found its upgrade scheme to be a bit on the expensive side (although I'm considering trying it again now that they've moved forward a few versions and the UI is looking better). When I grew tired of UltraEdit, I found PSPad – and have been a prolific user ever since. In recent months, however, the developer (a very cool guy) has moved to a different rendering engine (UNICODE) which has caused a few issues to crop up. I'm sticking with PSPad for the time being – largely because I love the features and have a great relationship with the developer. PSPad does everything I need it to do, although I do wish it could do more.