Your Voice in the Gnomedex Song

Gnomedex 6.0 is in full swing. We've already sold about half of the available seats in the main hall – without having announced a single speaker or sponsor. Our friend (and past Gnomedexer) Derek K. Miller has offered to compile an official song for this year's Gnomedex, and I thought it'd be cool if we could get a few of you past attendees to phone-in an audio blurb for the mix. Pick up your phone, dial 1-888-472-0604, then “leave a message” with your thoughts on past Gnomedexes – or your general feeling about the conference. I can't promise you'll make it into the final cut, but be sure you speak clearly and loudly. Okay, even if you've never been to Gnomedex before – call in and explain why you might have wanted to go (unless you still want to go).