SonicWALL Content Filter Service

Screw you, SonicWALL Content Filter Service. Yes, you read that right – screw you in a big way. I've got readers out there who wanna see my disgusting pictures of hangnails and zits, and you're blocking them because you believe (and I quote) that this site contains “Adult/Mature Content.” Uh huh. Well, then… might as well make it all official and post naked pictures of your CEO and lead programmers, eh? What about your marketing staff – are they up for a roll in the digital hay anytime soon? Oh baby, I love the way you write your code and block those crazy offensive Web pages. My life is much more complete when I get hot and bothered by your censorship service. Andrew Phelps first brought this sexy stop message to my attention this morning via his wireless connection at Panera. There's no better combo than Bread and Mccarthyism. And the best part about this entry is: none of you dipswitches will ever see it. Content Filter Service? Go “filter” yourselves.