Tony Little's Gazelle

Tony Little's GazelleI’ve been a huge fan of Tony Little’s Gazelle for several months now. Out of all the exercise equipment I’ve ever used (at home or remotely), it’s been the easiest, cleanest, and most effective. It’s a glider, not an elliptical. Tony Little is more than a little annoying with his commercial, but don’t ignore his product if you’re looking to fulfill a New Year’s Resolution. I had abandoned my Gazelle for several weeks, since I’d been busy with personal and professional things. Two days ago, I hopped on it for a 600-calorie burn. No sore muscles. Last night, I did a 500-calorie glide. Today, I’ll be using the Gazelle again. I have the basic (Tony Little’s Gazelle Freestyle) unit, but have been looking to upgrade to a more feature-complete system:

How can you improve upon perfection? Tony Little has upgraded the Gazelle Supertrainer with Soft Glide technology. This revolutionary feedback system puts a bounce in your step with every glide. It makes exercising on the Gazelle more interactive, more responsive and more fun. The “soft glide” creates an even more natural movement for you and helps energizes your workout. And remember, the more energizing and fun the movement, the more likely you’re going to stick to the exercise program and achieve your fitness goals.

This “newer” Gazelle is about twice as expensive, but could be a perfect upgrade (so long as I’ve got resistance settings, which the Gazelle Freestyle lacks). Any other Gazelle fans out there? Let’s keep each other motivated throughout 2005!