Blog Apathy Disorder (BAD)

Why did you start your own blog? Do those motives still exist? Reinvent yourself. Get excited again. The blogging world isn't disinterested – it's just that people have become disinteresting. Do something unique not just with your blog, but in the blogging community. It's not about following (or even creating) the meme of the week; it's about trying on a new flannel every once in a while. The reason for my recent redesign was not only for a change of code – moreso, it was for a change of pace. Skins are fun, but will they encourage people to return and read your thoughts at a future date? Make the connection with poignant links and random thoughts. Be as unpredictable as you want to be. Try something new. I did. It worked.

The newness may have worn off, but that doesn't mean this medium is any less exciting. Every day, people are publishing personal experiences and perspectives to the Web – and you're always one link away from changing the course of your day. Somewhere in this hyperworld there sits an individual who speaks to you through his or her words. Are you listening?