WinZip vs. WinRAR

I'm not usually passionate enough to stir up the debate, but Ed Bott started it this morning with his Corel completes destruction of WinZip post. Like Ed, I've been a WinZip user for years – since Windows 3.1. I appreciated that my initial registration fee would apply to all subsequent versions – until the most recent version. Then, the world started to distribute RAR files, and WinZip was all like “WTF?” and I was all like “Yeah, it's another compression format.” If you only have enough room for one compressed file manager, WinRAR should be it.
On this machine, I have both WinZIP and WinRAR installed – but the next PC will only have WinRAR. It does everything WinZip does – and does it faster. I still don't like the WinRAR interface as much as WinZip, but at least WinRAR is skinnable. WinRAR's nag isn't as naggy, either (although I've registered it so I don't see that anyway). And if that doesn't win you over, remember that WinRAR can read and extract from ISO file. In fact, I don't think that (in practice) I've ever had a time when WinRAR couldn't unpack a file for me. Face it, folks – WinZip is dead.