Windows Vista Complaints Department

At the risk of sounding even more negative about the entire Windows Vista situation, I have a steady stream of disgruntled users venting in my inbox. Michelle Rampelt, for instance:

I just experienced the ultimate irony. As I selected your “Mail Me” Icon, the wretched “Allow” Window popped up. I am an exceptionally happy person, although Windows Vista is making me absolutely miserable and frustrated. I can’t run the software programs I need, write or respond to e-mails in Outlook Exchange – I have spent HOURS AND HOURS attempting to troubleshoot what would have been simple in Windows XP world. I am just a real estate broker. And clearly, not very bright. I have been unable to find ANY help via the Microsoft web sites (which they charge for amusingly enough.) Do you have any advice? I would rather poke myself in the eye with a knitting needle than arrive at another Vista roadblock.

It never seems to end, but I suppose you could say that about any widely-used product anymore? I’m not claiming that Vista has cornered the market on operating system frustration, but I believe the average user’s expectations for Vista have yet to be met. Cathy McLaren, for instance:

I’d bought a brand new Vista-ready media centre computer and was sooooo looking forward to all those bells and whistles. But, I still had work I needed to do. Sharing between pc’s on my network was nearly impossible. No, it WAS impossible. 90% of my mp3’s wouldn’t play – denied. Loading games that previously played on XP was a real challenge. After the first month I found I’d had enough and wanted to wipe it out completely and reload XP… I had an image so that wasn’t a problem. The problem was Vista had taken my 2nd hard drive and denied me all admin rights to it!! I’m an admin!!! That 2nd drive was storage and backup. The only thing I could do was find other places to dump all that storage and backup, delete the partition, reformat. Sheesh!

I’m back on XP Media Centre and loving it. Wishing I could get some of those neat upgrades like the better media centre software, and that wonderful intuitiveness when saving or searching for files, but hey. if I want cute things on my desktop, there’s Yahoo Widgets. I also took an image of the Vista install just in case some day I forget why I was so unhappy and feel the need again. That day will be a long time coming.

Honestly? I just installed a review copy of Vmware Fusion on my 17″ MacBook Pro (the unit was notably sponsored by Blue Sky Factory for Gnomedex events). While I’m quite fond of Parallels for what it does, I fear that its buzz is about to be overshadowed by Vmware’s product. Why bother to bring up the Apple threat now? Because Windows XP is running beautifully, seamlessly, quickly on my Mac right now – which might appeal to users who don’t really like where Windows “is” today.

More to the point, this is the future of your desktop experience – in a platform-neutral environment. All I need now is a pre-built, fully-stocked Linux VM (with Compiz Fusion)…

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  1. Hi Chris,

    I just finished watching your YouTube vid on “Windows Vista vs Windows XP” which you uploaded on Mar 1, 2007 ( – yes all 51:59 mins of it! Gosh.

    It was only then that I found out that you’re THE lockergnome. Yes, I know… I don’t get out much, LOL. Hmmm… your cartoon icon did lead me to believe you were a black/asian/hispanic dude. I’m Chinese, btw.

    Ok, my initial impression on seeing you from the vid?
    You’re a blend of Jimmy Neutron (appearance) + Woody Allen (mannerisms). That could just be your charm, or am I being uncomplimentary? If so, please don’t be offended as that is certainly not my intention.

    Well, I was wondering if you could have scripted that presentation to make it more focused and succinct… but I can see you’re real passionate about end-user experience which is as it should be.

    I’m not surprised that your anger & frustration are still simmering away all these months since you uploaded your vid above.

    But what surprises me is that your’re still enduring all that turd polishing of a dismally broken Vista that has undergone extended beta! Don’t power users like yourself deserves better – much better?

    Right now, the nightmares of BSODs, malware, spyware, adware, trojans, viruses that seem to plague Windows continue unabated. Plus, Vista has added user-unfriendly and unhelpful UAC dialogues that hardly do anything to actually improve security at a practical level. What it has done, I’m afraid, is to have resurrected M$ BOB (yes, anyone still remember that annoying fiasco?) for the 21st century. What’s surprising for a billion-dollar corp is that Vista has even worse hardware support than what the ignorant alleges about Linux.

    Sure there’s Apple. But that would be substituting the M$ tax with the Apple tax. Closed source isn’t the way to move forward anymore as far as software is concerned. The OSS genie is out of the bottle. Look, even the vaunted OS X is but a proprietary version of FreeBSD. And let’s not forget that it’s open-source that is powering the $140 OLPC XO laptop.

    OK, let’s get practical. Why should anyone be continually shelling good money to companies like M$ and Apple? You’re right about Apple crafting a false facade of approachability when their predatory nature (like suing bloggers as stated in your YouTube video) and non-user-centric nature are clear by locking them in with proprietary hardware. If M$ engages in monopoly behaviour, Apple is similarly guilty. Of course, if one doesn’t mind paying through his/her nose, then by all means settle for Apple…

    Hey, I’m no Linux shill. Your stats will clearly show that I’m currently on Windows XP (using a Firefox browser). But I’m tiring of Windows. Like many M$ users (I’m no power user), I’m concerned about Linux’s alleged complexity, have a command line phobia and is leary of Linux’s reputed dependencies hell. However, package management software like Synaptic in conjunction with repositories (along with wikis, forums & supportive user communities) have apparently largely ironed that out.

    Moreover, M$ is not without its dll and drivers issues now, is it? More importantly, M$ will eventually force the obsolescence of XP (simply by not supporting it – JUST like it did with its other OSes) in order to compel Windows users to purchase Vista (whether as retail/pre-installed OEM).

    Now where does it leave concerned users, especially when even power users like yourself are having to fight Vista and hurting like hell during the process in the applications and drivers wilderness?

    Chris, it’s 2007 and XP will eventually fade, but my research has shown that Linux is getting more user-friendly all the time. Plus it’s got more eye candy from Beryl and Compiz (think 3D spinning box, wobbly windows, window focus, etc) than you can shake a stick at. And all without requiring an ever more powerful engine to pull all that Vista bloatware along just to approximate XP’s performance.

    Sure the look and feel will be different from Windows – all OSes will be & feel different, but normal users are well-served with hundreds of applications that comes with their Live Linux CDs, with updates & more from the repositories.

    The phobia of the command line may be ever present. And ultra-customisability that’s available in Linux may not be everyone’s goal, nor should it be for the average user, though power-users like yourself will come to appreciate it.

    But is that any more challenging than hacking RegEdit/HKLM and other tweaks power users do to optimise their system, for eg? I’m sure it took you time to accumulate your Windows knowledge and have needed to descend to cmd.exe from time to time. Furthermore, it’s not like your XP kb is transferable to Vista, now is it?

    Likewise, it will take time to be proficient in say, Linux – just as you need for Vista. I believe any Windows power user worth his/her keystrokes/mouseclicks has the intellect to master a new OS given their motivation. I believe now is the best time to make that crucial switch in order to avoid expensive mis-investment of time, effort & money over Vista.

    I’m seriously considering the move to Linux in the near future. My research has thrown up a user friendly and highly commended Linux distro worth considering – PCLinuxOS ( I’ve already burned the Live CD ISO. Or you can consider other distros. Take a leaf from Dell and HP. Even they are responding to the desires of the masses for Linux PCs & laptops

    But do compare apples with apples, so to speak. To berate Linux because it doesn’t work like a toaster would do it great injustice as neither Windows and Macs work like toasters either. Heck, even M$ and Apple have their fair share of operating annoyances and glitches.

    Perhaps it’s time to redirect your energy, time & effort instead of something that hurt and harm you? Linux may prove to you to be more powerful, stable & reliable than Windows ever hope to be. But what do I know? I haven’t make the move – yet. But I shall… soon…

    Cheers. :)

  2. Oh, I missed the MOST important thing about Linux/Open Source – *NO DRM* that punishes the honest by locking him/her out of their purchased media!!! Yes, I know how music and video is so important for some (dare I say most) of us. Yeah, baby!!!

    All our precious media files are fully playable in Linux. Because all necessary codecs are available for installation to play them. (no, I’m not some of the more rabid purists who insist that proprietary formats have no place in Open Source – I’m practical: I just want my stuff to play in whatever format they happen to be in, and if I decide on open formats like ogg or flac, well then it’s my choice for later). Also, there are open source players like the MPlayer and VLC that seem to play almost every codec you throw at it. I’ve used VLC, and with the exception of Real’s proprietary rm, ra, ram & rmvb formats, it’s good to go – including .flv. :)

    So what’s there not to like? Hey I should start dual-booting with PCLinuxOS and XP right away. I just have to be mentally prepared for learning new things…

  3. Heh. I just got a new laptop, preloaded with vista. I tried like hell to get XP installed instead, but Dell wouldn’t do it, and I refused to pay the same price for them to load a linux distro on there.

    I haven’t poked it hard enough to really hate it yet, but where XP was a 2 step process and linux is a 0 step process, I could not get vista to even see my local network and shared files. Getting to the internet, on the other hand, was a snap, which is revealing of someone’s priorities, me thinks.

    Anyway, the most revealing bit, to me at least. I bring home the computer, do some email and some blogging, and leave it up overnight to download a fresh Ubuntu ISO, so when my computer doesn’t cooperate I at least have a chance in hell of fixing it. I woke up this morning to find it completely bluescreened. Apparently sitting quietly and downloading a 4gig file was too much for the poor dear.

  4. All these complaints about MS Vista are blown out of proportion puffs of hot air.

    Need I remind anyone that we heard this same bellyaching following the release of XP, DOS weanies went into major withdrawal when they had the “N”ew “T”echnology thrust upon them. After years of thinking they were running real GUI multi-tasking OSes that were merely shunts tossed on top of DOS. Tell me Chris, with NT’s hardware abstraction layer, how many people bitched back then when their DOS apps werent allowed to execute under XP because they were written to touch the hardware directly?

    What about the fact that VISTA came out 6 years later than XP, twice the time MS traditionally left in between new OS releases? It took a couple of years after XP’s release for people to accept it, Vista will have to deal with this same phenomena.

    What blows my mind is that Vista’s beta period time was long, its release delayed, yet third party hardware and software vendors still to this day have drug their feet in getting Vista compliant patches and drivers out into the marketplace. This isnt MS fault unless the position to have is to say that there should be nothing different in the new OS from the older OS, if so, why release it? Should Honda make the 2008 Accord to be identical to the 1998 model?

    I cannot think of a single perfect OS, except for whatever firmware drives my wristwatch!! :)

    Windows 95: We had a,b,c

    Windows 98: It had issues that warranted a rebranded, re-release SE!

    Windows ME: Need I say more?

    Windows 2000: This should have been the bridge between 98SE and XP.
    (as you know, was never marketted as a consumer OS)

    XP and Vista..

    Linux: If it was perfect, you wouldnt need to patch it.

    MACOS: Said to have more vulnerabilities than Vista.

    My whole point is to remind people that we are only 7 months post Vista release and they need to remember where they were 7 months post XP release.

  5. @ Ross Cassell:

    After more than 5 years with an army of unpaid beta-testers (of which Lockergnome Chris was one) & THIS is what Redmond can cough up with? Meh!

    So you’re saying a billion $ company can’t get it’s act together when unpaid & underpaid open source developers can collectively whip up stuff that powers the internet like LAMP?

    I bring up Linux if only to contrast its proven value-for-money proposition against the ridiculous total cost of ownership which forces you to pay hand over fist for Microsoft software.

    For sure companies like IBM, Sun, etc are funding Open Source projects, but the majority of developers are not direct beneficiaries. They code partly to satisfy their coding itch & partly to contribute to the community. Along the way, they have & are producing some terrifically secure, stable, powerful & usable software to boot. As an earlier poster correctly pointed out, where would Apple be now if not for open source BSD *nix?

    LOL, yeah. And Redmond is still churning out XP patches to stem its dangerous embarrassing security holes after 7 long years. Oh, and have you updated your Windows box yet? Patch Tuesday just came by…

    Patches are created during the lifecycle of any software to fix bugs & to insert improvements as they arise.

    Come on, Ross Cassell, what software is patch free, hmmm? Are you reduced to stating this obvious fact about software in order to deflect from the horrendously dismal implementation of Vista?

    Ouch, another painful clanger from you. So you’re defending broken Vista by hearsay, now are we? Please… show us the proportion of viruses, adware, spyware, malware, trojans of OSX compared to Vista, XP & Microsoft OS in general.

    It is precisely the underlying poorly designed security of Windows that is sucking productivity & endangering unwary users across the planet all these years.

    And of course, who can forget Redmond’s celebrated (or is it cursed) Blue Screen Of Death, still plaguing XP and Vista users across the globe, eh? ;-)

    The issue here is why Vista is such a frustrating 2-steps-forward-3-steps-back disaster requiring hi-end hardware but yet performs poorer than low-end stuff? Oh yeah, it’s because hi-end gear are needed to haul a honking, unwieldy carcass of a busted-up tank that is Vista, with the result that it’s even slower & more crippled than a moped! Aero eye candy is useless if you can’t get Vista to work & play nice within your PC!

    With Microsoft’s long-standing partnership with hardware vendors, surely the smooth rollout of sufficient drivers for Vista should’ve been a basic no-brainer?! So how can you blame the manufacturers? Don’t they have a vested interest, too? Surely they wish to continue making money off Vista, as they have with past Microsoft releases?

    Vista has even worse hardware support than Linux, which says a lot since Linux does not have the luxury of driver source code from hardware vendors. In fact, more hardware works fine with Linux than Vista (Nvidia cards being a prime example). So those who dissed Linux for its driver issues should totally not touch Vista with a 10 ft pole now, eh? ;-)

    What astonishes me is that there’re gullible folk willing to pay more than half the cost of a brand new PC for an OS that cripples their productivity, & which requires you to shell out hundreds more for new versions of software (provided it’s even available) that can work with it.

    Look, for an OS that cost half a brand new PC, purchasers have EVERY right to DEMAND & EXPECT that it just works – at least as well as before, without having their productivity curtailed from their previous experience.

    Or does Microsoft expect people to pay to be extended beta-testers, putting up with the abuses & suffering from a broken OS until its next service pack?

    In case you haven’t noticed, we’re now well into the 2nd half of 2007. Things for the most part (in the IT world at least) change for the better.

    Users have become more sophisticated. And our increasingly IT-dependent lives demand that we shouldn’t put up with having to pay to be inconvenienced & short-changed!

    Vista is a solution in search of a DRM problem. That problem is certainly not users’ problems, but RIAA and MPAA robber barons’ problems. And what’s worse, that wretchedly designed solution is destroying users’ productivity. And you pay for this car wreck???

    For those who’re comfortable/currently stuck with XP, I say stick with it & run it into the ground like what companies suffering vendor lock-in with Microsoft are doing with their Windows 2000 setups. However, you should start exploring better alternatives like Linux or OSX. And use the time to bone up on either, or both, before XP is eventually replaced.

  6. To Ross Cassell: you are completely right that there is nothing new with the Vista problems. It happens with any major OS upgrade. Even in Linux. But, why should I as a user tolerate this? Personally I prefer to wait until Vista will be rock stable, every problem will be ironed out, and I will be convinced that it is worth the upgrade.
    The complaints about the third party drivers are really funny. Why do you thing that the third party vendor HAVE to support vista? Where it is written in the law books? If an OS doesn’t have a good enough support for a device, it is the OS blame. I as a user shouldn’t care. Hey, if I use Linux on my desktop and doesn’t support a device, I say, Linux is not ready for my desktop. I don’t say: “Linux is fantastic, but HP (or whatever) is bad”. Microsoft knows how much driver support is important. That is what helped Microsoft to win the much better (technology speaking) OS2. If Chris’s scanner doesn’t work in Vista, this is Vista to blame. Of course, if the HP scanner has a “Vista ready” logo, then HP has to support the Vista driver. But, why you require HP to provide a driver for an OS that probably did not exists when it sold it? I feel that Microsoft “educated” the users that its software is the default software that any vendor have to support. While this is the current case, it doesn’t have to be like that. There is no physical rule that says so! Please remember that.
    And again, regarding Vista, I will examine it, lets say 2-3 years from now, and then I will decide if it is worth the money, considering the alternatives, such as XP, Linux, OS/X).

  7. I’m running Vista Home Premium OEM on my Intel-based Mac and, as an avid gamer and multimedia creative, am most delighted that I can derive the best (and worst) of both worlds on a single machine! Haven’t had a chance to appraise either Parallels or VMware Fusion as yet!

  8. To XP User:

    No one said you have to tolerate a OS which is imperfect, now find me a perfect OS. One with no bugs, no vulnerabilities, no limitations.

    The point I tried to valiantly make was that it is 7 months POST Vista release, when XP was in its 7th month, post release, we heard the same complaints.. Just a reality check because XP was a helluva-alot more different from what the consumers were running than Vista is from XP.

    This is going to be a trend with MS, you arent going to see people mass migrating all at once to the latest OS, like we used to see whenever they released a new version of DOS in the late 80’s and early 90’s. People are going to sit, watch and wait. Just as they did with XP.

    I had no compelling reason for my computing needs to upgrade to Vista, the machine I am typing on now is XP Pro, I have another machine that I did upgrade to Vista so that I could talk about it from on hand experience and not rely strictly on the word of others, which as you know can be warped, but that machine could have eaily served me well with the XPMCE that was already installed on it, I also have a machine running Linux.

    I have all three happily communicating with each other on the LAN, so I do laugh when I see people cry about network issues with Vista.

    As for third party developers not having to support Vista, you are correct they dont have to, that posture does amount to them shooting themselves in the foot, if they dont want to reach the most people, thats their call. But when I commented on it, I had in mind NETGEAR, who promised drivers for a NAS device I have in the first half of this year to be Vista compatible, yet still no drivers. With every brick and mortar retailer selling systems whereas 99% of them are preloaded with Vista, its stupid to assume third party developers would be shunning that OS.

    I didnt mean to portray myself as some grand defender of Vista, heck my primary machine is XP Pro, I dont see that changing anytime soon, but the complaints about Vista in this stage of the game reminded me about XP’s rocky road in the same time period, but I cannot say I am having any of the issues with Vista others are having that are grandiose disasters.

  9. I think the issues with the Vista hype-reality ratio today are even worse than the Win95 bandwagon 12 years ago, which was my initial impetus to seek out alternatives, and found Linux to be a viable one for my (admitedly geeky) requirements even then.

    Today I feel the good news about Vista is that it is so shoddy that even lay-people can see it’s a crock. Even better, in the intervening 12 years, Linux distro’s have matured to a point that I feel comfortable deploying one on my mother’s PC now.

    The geeks, as usual, are not freaks. Just ahead of the curve. It should now be plainly obvious to even non-technical people where the direction lies.

  10. Sorry double post.

    You should also not fear the command line. It is merely the most expedient way to explain something (with the unfortunate side-effect of leaving the impression that command-line is the only way to do it). for instance, compare

    type sudo aptitude install myprog


    Open Applications Menu |Add programs, then search for “myprog”. Select it for install and press the Apply button.

    and you’ll see why people keep giving you the command line instructions, even if the GUI way is arguably “easier”

    But there is a nice, GUI way to do it. And it’s been explained. Take a look at this page and relax:

  11. Chris:
    I recieve your lockergnome newsletter on a regular basis.I have both Vista Ulitmate and Vista Home Premium running on two of the workstations on my home network. And I share files and a network printer with four other winxp workstations. I have had little to no problems doing the things that I did when I had just XP. Sure There are bugs to be worked out yet.But not to the extend that most people are crying about.The problem as I see it people want everything handed to them on a platter and don’t want to learn how to use their machines. I am not an expert on computers such as you are;but I do have 20 years of self taught learning behind me. Whatever happens in the future with say Windows 3000; someone is going to complain about. I will get off my soapbox now. Thanks for all the great info I have recieved from your newsletters.

  12. Well, I learned XP at work, and I considered it for home use only after SP2. Because the Windows 2000 SP4 was just very good.
    Whatever you are doing, the productivity is asumed first priority. I was terified when in 98 you could move the short-cuts from the START menu and even not be aware or. I consider now that this was more than 5% of all problems at that time.
    I was delighted to see the Outlook transparency on a new mail resume (optimising the productivity), but at home in Outlook Express it didn’t worked. And for Audio-Video, I guess that 9x was good enough.
    Now, I will learn Vista, again, at work… Some business allow it to be, they don’t care of expenses…
    What I really do not understand (and one friend lament to me), why he can’t install Microsoft Office 2000 on the new PC with Microsoft Vista? He never used 85% of the features Office 2000 offer, so why buy Office 2007? I recommended him to install XP. He had 2 more shots from the old licence… This means also it could be for the next OS after Vista… ;-))
    For me it become clear that now Microsoft is not well working (I said Microsoft, not Vista!). The DRM is one thing, but the un-operational-bility of Vista is too remarkable.
    It seems that Linux will the next OS…

  13. I must agree, that vista does seem to be having their fairshare of problems. I agree that they have bugs. I also agree that they are a bit behind the game.

    On the otherhand. We as a community now days are expecting highly of operating system companies. Most people that use these blogs are somewhat powerusers, and expect to much out of operating systems. I think powerusers or partial powerusers need to slow down and think for a moment. Am i overreacting. I mean talking about all of these drives, how much ram, or how much hard drive space we have is going a bit extreme. Windows is trying to apeal to the general public, and the general public expects email, internet, word proccessing, gaming, and watching videos. Who cares about how much room it has. I mean 100 GB is alot for the general population. Infact an estimate percentage of the population only uses 25% of their harddrive.

    I am not saying that powerusers are morons, and i must say that they help alot. But they are NOT the general public. They are powerusers and obviosly expect alot by operating systems. People as a hole really only use the minimum requirements of their Pc, mac or whatever you use. Take me for example. I currently am using xp home with 80 gb harddrive. We use our computer for email, simple games, etc. We do not use all of these html codes, codes, hacking and stuff. Infact im sure the general population doesnt even care.

    Anyway, my point is that i think we are over exagerating on our expectations.

    On the otherhand. I am in my teens, and i am supposedly growing up with the ” Technology generation” and will most likely be using technology for the rest of my life.

    I personaly just ordered a windows vista laptop ( premium) for 549 and it has great reviews. It is refurbished though. I have gotten a bit deeper into technology, but i can only go as far as my pocket goes. The general population is in dept, and cannot afford to many upgrades. I am not saying i dont like the technology at all. I am just saying maybe that microsoft should have taken their time on vista. I would not have mind waiting till now for instance.

    Microsoft should have waited a bit longer to clean everything up. I will see what vista is like..

    I just wrote about a whole bunch of views, and what i think the general population wants.


  14. I think what is being overlooked here is the relationship between the driver problems and DRM. From what I have read, implementing DRM for a VISTA driver made the development process a whale of a lot more complex from the get-go. But Microsoft insisted that this be done — now they are suffering from problems of scarce driver availability when they created the conditions for this situation in the first place.

    Talk about putting your foot in your mouth before shooting yourself in it!

  15. I recently bought a computer with Vista and have not been able to get online using the dial-up modem or use system restore. In an isolated area where i live i cannot get online. I am dissapointed in this product.

  16. Tomorrow I will find or steal a copy of Windows 98. I was warned, yet thought, naaa, it could be that bad. Vista, or namely MICROSOFT, that is MR. GATES and BUDDIES deserve greater criticism for putting out yet another loousy product to torment their customers because they no longer have a need for a good reputation. Does anyone understand how unethical business can become when it has a monopoly? Yes, that’s the word. Monopoly breeds arrogance. They know they can ram a crappy product down our throats! The blame should only go to the guys at the top. There is no excuse.

  17. There’s no doubt that Vista is Bill Gates’ greatest screw over of the computer world. Having said that, is there no legal recourse to make up for the misery MS has caused. I know that MS has been uncannily lucky in the American justice industry, but even a bought and paid for political hack posing as a judge should be able to see Vista for what it is.

  18. Well add me to the list of unhappy Vista users. My printer, DVD rewriter, eTrust security suite and the rest of my add ons just are not compatible with Vista. So where are the promised advantages of this product?

    eTrust sent a link to a compatible version of my security suite, but Win Vista wouldn’t allow it to install regardless of the permissions given. Fortunately, I have a trial security suite running now.

    I am very lucky, my old computer with Win XP is sitting right in front of me looking real nice right now. I just bought this new Compaq computer with Win Vista installed with a 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee warranty. So Monday morning I will get a return authorization and it’s going back to I feel slightly better now, thanks for letting me rant. Bill Gates, I’m getting my money back !!

  19. I bought a brand new Hp pc last Sept.; Thirty days later, when the “Norton Internet Security” program expired, and I installed the “new” cd i purchased from “Symantec” (receipt from “HP”). The minute loaded that program and re-booted, I started to have all kinds of issues: Crashes, Errors, Freezes, and (get this) the machine would shut itself off.
    A complete power shut down! Eventually, (about a month later, every time I tried to turn the machine on, it would shut itself off. It took two months of bickering with HP to get that machine replaced. They replaced my “Brand New” machine with a refurbished machine! The machine I bought and paid for had Win98XP; The “Refurbished” machined has Vista (not what I bought).
    They will NOT re-install XP for me. In fact, I have complained to HP so much that they won’t answer my e-mails anymore, and when I call, I’m put on hold for so long that I eventually get disconnected! Now that’s COSTemer service for you!
    I have had this vista machine for six months or so now and still can’t get any work done.
    I never did like WMP, so I don’t use it. I am a song-writer. No matter where or how I try to save my files (songs that I own), Vista puts them where Bill Gates wants them, not me! I bought the machine, it’s mine! Why can’t I use it the way I see fit.
    As for DRM….It’s a crack of B/S!!! These guys, music/movies and the rest make millions of $$$ and it still isn’t enough for them! GREED.
    Pure & simple.
    Let none of us forget where and how Billy boy got his start in his career!

  20. I work in a small office, two laptops and a PC, VPN to a second PC. After Vista on my new laptop (Sony VAIO), the second PC no longer talks to the system, the main PC works okay (it’s still Windows XP), but the two laptops are another thing. When I boot the laptop on my desk, it resets the routers, and blow my employer’s laptop’s documents away, closing folders and losing documents. His terminal is Windows XP Home, mine (which I distinctly dislike) is Windows Vista Home Premium (I wish I had known more about it when I bought it.). Please don’t tell me there is nothing wrong with Vista. It took me hours to get rid of the pane down the right side, the widgets (or whatever Vista called them), to get away from the activation that brought the various screens/panes marching across my desktop. I don’t need such things; they’re a waste of time for me. I just wished the salesman at the store had been more knowledgable and less desirous of making a sale. By the time I realized I had bought what for me was hours of frustration, the time and the ability to return it were past. And, BTW, Word 2007 is also a big pain in the lower area. I learn fast; had Windows 2003 down in a snap. However, Windows 2007, something about the roadmap of what is where and the way the writers/programmers were thinking, are we sure they’re from earth?

    Paul-Wesley Bowen.
    San Jose, California

  21. hey,
    i know what you mean vista sucks. iv’e had my toshiba u205 for about 8 months. when i took it to a repair shop the of course didn’t find no problems. i will edventually change back to xp if i can. vista sucks and the shit will probly make you fucken curse up a storm because if fucken stupid. i love some things about it but windows media player is such a fucken hassel. i think microsoft should give a refund to whoever bought the software .

  22. I am actually offended by how poor Vista works.
    I recently purchased an HP, Core 2 Duo and this system runs horribly.
    It has crashed at least 15 times during the start of basic programs like Explorer and AOL. I cannot cut and paste into Word without crashing Word. This laptop is running like the old 8088 from middle school. If the system worked it would be awesome. The light weight body, monitor and some features and advancement in MS Office are nice. However, the bad out weights the good.

    I want my money back!

  23. Bill Gates, What were you thinking when you released Vista on an unsuspecting public. My first computer was a Timex Sinclair 1000 and Vista is an improvement over that I’ll admit but computing was fun then, not a P.I.T.A. like Vista is. Without going into specifics here, Vista has changes to things just for the sake of change without legitimate reason and certainly not an improvement. Some things like the door knob, DON’T NEED CHANGING. Most of these “changes” are not improvements, rather appear to be proof of job purpose. I went into Vista determined to master it or else. Now, after stumbling along for three months and clicking my mouse atleast twice as many times as it takes to get the same things done as before, I can see that XP would be a step forward toward putting the fun back.

  24. Friends don’t let friends drink and drive. Friends don’t let friends use Windows Vista!! I bought a new computer with Vista already on. I assumed (UH-OH!) that Vista was XP PRO + new bells adnd whistles. FORGET IT! While it looks pretty and it’s cosmetic fetures are easier on the eyes, nothing works the way it should from XP to Vista. 1)an MP3 nightmare 2)Juno Client EM was terrible. I kept losing all my folders. 3)My HP inkJet printer was NOT recognized. Same for my Waccom Drawing tablet. My scanner to a day to configure. IoMega zip drive disks would give a message of not formatted. COME ON?! What else. I had to take 10 hours to (Seagate) ZERO fill and wipe out the hard drive because the Vista would not let me re-install the XP pro claiming that Vista was a newer version. So What?! My wife’s dress bought yesterday is newer than the pants I bought last month. Does that mean I have to wear her dress? Leave it up to the user on what OS / platform should be used. It’s all based on the merits of what work you are doing. Gosh! Remember Widows ME?? I don’t know which is worse. To ALL OF YOU getting a new computer. DO NOT let some sales Jock talk you into or bulldoze you into your new system coming with Vista. INSIST on XP PRO. Pay the difference if you have to or GO elsewhere. I already made the investment and bought a NEW windows XP pro (OEM) license. Did I enjoy spending the $$ NO but my blood pressure is back to normal (-: I hope my experience serves as a protocal to those that read it about thinking Vista is an upgrade from XP pro.
    Best Regards

  25. Windows Vista sucks. i hate it. I just got a new laptop computer with vista and whenever i am on the internet the screen will just go black and i will have to restart it. and it has nothing to do with the laptop itself, but the vista software because i already got the computer looked at and it was vista. vista is a piece of crap and it makes me want XP back so bad.

  26. — My Three Months With Vista —

    Issues encountered before I started listing dates.
    Deleted Internet Explorer etc from desktop, but they still appear in file manager. I find it hard to work with all this clutter on the desktop.
    Text file on desktop will not delete, found an unlocker but it did not work with vista. Took two hours to get the file off the desktop.
    Adobe required me to shutdown explorer from the task manager just to install
    Audio mixer no longer allows recording source selection. Vista requires many clicks to change from line in to mike in.
    “go online to find a solution to this problem” software is very inconsistent – usually just disappears without finishing.
    Selected “run” for a download, came back later and the download was gone – restarted download and nothing was cached. This is reproducible.
    If you set two “open with” options for a file, vista creates its own names for each, and they can’t be edited.
    The start menu no longer supports drag and drop.
    Every file move in the start menu requires a security check.
    Start menu is not as ergonomic as the old one. Trying to navigate more than one level is tricky.
    If you select the old start menu the search box disappears.

    Sept 18
    Pinning a shortcut to the start menu is inconsistent. I’ve pinned a network folder before (it’s still there), but now vista wont let me.
    Explorer crashed again today

    Sept 19
    Plugged in mouse – no response – requested re-boot and waited at least 5 minuets for vista to shut down. Not even a wait symbol for the first 40 seconds (aprox).
    After reboot mouse works, but hard drive is on solid and system is sluggish
    Clicked an item from the start menu search and got two launches

    Sept 22
    Tried to install Dune 2000, installer just disappears with no error. Tried compatibility modes for win98, win 2000, win 95 etc. Tried run as admin etc. no good
    Spent over an hour trying to get Oni to install – no luck – tried compatibility modes, administrator, and fresh DX9 install.
    THE SEARCH RETURNS INCORRECT RESULTS Running a search for the executable incorrectly returns c:\Program files\Oni.exe (should be c:\Program Files\Oni\oni.exe)

    Sept 23
    In ‘my computer’, ‘Folder options’ is shown in the ‘Organize’ and ‘tools’ menu?
    Vista launched OpenOffice any time I press W today – reboot fixed problem.

    Sept 24
    The trash no longer has a ‘date deleted’? What if I want to restore the last three items deleted?
    When following a network link, I now have to click the link and then click ‘folder target’.
    File manager wastes a lot of space in the address bar
    File manager obscures the true path when connecting via network.
    RECYCLE BIN NO LONGER HAS A ‘Sort by date deleted’ OPTION! I use this all the time!

    Sept 26
    Network discovery and file sharing turned itself off today.
    Vista sometimes claims it can’t find files that it has already launched
    Screen resolution suddenly changed to 1024×768 (no gaming recently – this started happening
    regularly after this)

    Sept 28
    Vista went to sleep while playing Flightsim 2002, had to restart Flightsim

    Oct 3
    Windows media player locked up while watching SNL, Vista then lost Internet connectivity (other PCs on the network were ok), had to reboot.

    Oct 16
    Found out “help” for VB5 is not supported – why would you remove support for help? Who doesn’t still have some VB code around?
    CTRL-TAB kept switching applications had to re-boot

    Oct 17
    Would not delete a folder – locked – no programs were running
    Hard drive on solid & applications opening slowly

    Oct 19
    Went back to the WinHelp32 issue, took 20min of reading MS webpages, jumping through “genuine windows” hoops, and downloading poorly documented installs to get it working.
    When you try to drag a file into the empty space in a folder, it highlights the whole row, and launches whatever it thinks you dragged the file onto. THIS ONE IS VERY FRUSTRATING.

    Oct 20
    Dragged a folder to a networked drive and the folder moved rather than copied there. This arbitrary change in behavior is repeatable, and on another date I LOST DATA because of it.

    Oct 22
    Printer icon shows 1 document pending, but nothing in printer queue

    Oct 27
    Saved lk.doc to desktop, it is not visible on the desktop, but I can open it from Word’s file-recent
    Right clicked on desktop to create a folder, and waited a full minute for the popup before giving up.

    Oct 29
    Accidentally clicked “Restore all” button in recycle bin (It’s more prominent in Vista). Dozens of files restored to directories with no confirmation, no undo, and no way to know which files went where.
    Oct 30
    Save to desktop failure as on Oct 27
    In hindsight this was probably just another case of explorer crashing.

    Oct 31
    Ran updates – now Joost no longer operates
    Realized it’s been 4 days since I mailed Microsoft, no response from them.

    Nov 16
    Installed SQL server, install requested THREE patches to run with Vista! Only one of the three patches worked, the other two failed with an error.

    Nov 18
    Tried to download nodata.bak from yahoo mail, file was corrupted, had the file skyped to me, transfer showed success, but file mysteriously disappeared from desktop. Ran a search, when I clicked on the results found by the search, Vista gave a “file does not exist” error message. Successfully downloaded nodata.bak on a win2k machine and transfered it over the network.

    Nov 19
    Tried to install Visual Studio, IIS was installed, tested, and running on the OS, but studio can’t see it. Looked on the web and found other users with this problem in Vista, but no solutions.
    Multiple patches required for studio on Vista.
    Tried to uninstall and re-install SQL server. Reinstall listed ‘failed to install’ for more than half of the components.

    Nov 20
    Tried to uninstall SQL server, got an error message and SQL server disappeared from add/remove programs list. SQL Server is still taking up 6.5Gigs in program files, but Vista wont let me delete it.
    Spent too much time finding the required dos commands to delete system files.
    (takeown /F dirname /R) and
    (del dirname /F /S /Q)
    Nov 29
    It ends now. XP Pro installed and working wonderfully.
    With the older OS I installed VS, SQL server, AJAX, and AJAX Controls, imported and populated the database, cubed it, created the application model database, and wrote a software ADOMD connection in about 2 hours. In Vista I spent at least two full days trying to get everything working, and it never did.
    Feb 1, 2008
    No issues to date, everything working well, no stability issues, no quirky behavior, and all installed apps worked as expected.

  27. i have problem with my hp laptop the network printer installed first time but then restarted the laptop printer do not connect or print not come error is displyed.operating system in my laptop is windows vista home premium pls help me for solve this problem because i suffering from this problem at from near about one – two months.

  28. I have Windows Vista home premium and Works 8 has completely stopped functioning. I clicked the “Check online for a solution” and the computer runs its ting, and guess what – no solution comes up. Also, the computer is taking a very long time to shut down, for no apparent reason. Trying to look for a contact support service is like trying to look for a needle in a haystack. My opinion of Vista is that it is hopeless. I can’t think why Microsoft brought this out when XP was so good.

  29. I have to say Windows Vista is AWFUL. Difficult to navigate,painfully slow and generally very awkard. File loading whilst networked is a total nightmare. One always thinks technology goes forward but this is definitely a step backwards. My other computer has XP on it and it’s infinitely better. I feel I’ve wasted my money buying a vista computer. Windows XP forever!

  30. I’ve worked as a network admin for 10 + years and I recently purchased a new laptop with Vista on it. I HATE IT! There are so many things I dislike compared to XP. File manager is clunky and hard to use; IE 7 is a pain. Office 2007 has hundreds of new commands, but I can’t even find the Print command.

    To me, its incredible companies get away with this. I contacted Toshiba about a refund and exchange, they refused and said this laptop wouldn’t work with XP!!!. I find it all to disgusting for words.

    Microsoft foisted on us an operating system that is worse than XP and forces us to buy it if we buy new. If I could go back to XP, I would in a second. MSFT keeps this up, I will be going to Linux soon. Remember, OpenOffice is out there to go with it Microsoft.

    I could rant forever about this, but just know, I will steer everyone away from ever buying Vista!

  31. God help me. My old XP Dell System’s hard drive crashed after six successful years, and I was manipulated into buying Vista (4 months ago) by promises that SVP 1 solved all the VISTA problems, etc.. To this day my Vista Microsoft spell check has never worked on Microsoft email. Dell refuses to help me unless I pay them to walk me thru fixing spell check. With my old Dell XP system I asked for and paid for lifetime software support. I asked for the same lifetime software support when I recently purchased my new Dell Vista sytem. I was told today that I never did pay for software support, that several years ago Dell did away with the joint hardware/software lifetime support and it was sold separately. I was out right lied to by Dell because I very specifically asked for a software life time support. I believe that the current Dell customer service reps, and support centers for software (and hardware) from Dell have really deteriorated into something that is insensitive, money hungry, no sense of responsibility for selling a defective product to a customer. I will NEVER buy a Dell product again!!!!!!

  32. Just bought Vista Ultimate and upgraded XP machine (AMD x2 4800+ socket 939 DFI). Searched the Web for tips on how to move my hard drives to new AMD AM2+ quad core Gigabyte home build, and saw lots of complaints, but no procedure. so I logged onto microsoft’s web site, to enter online support request, and was told my new Best Buy purchased Vista required me to pay for support (oh ya – that was after I started Internet explorer because the support pages don’t support Firefox). Time for microsoft to be put out of business for abandoning it’s paying customers (amazing our elected officials let it happen to us). GO LINUX, BYE BYE Balmer and your crappy company.

  33. i agree with the vista complains i bought a new laptop, ive been working with my software of my job (nissan sales man) i dont compain about this, but it really pissme of tha i cant install one of my favorit game, swat 4, i also cant change folder permisions although im an admin!!!!, i installed in my laptop Linux-Mandriva and works a lot more better than vista, i can play swat 4, world of warcraft, and use my job software (of course using wine and a virtualbox) i rather use mandriva than vista, UR PAYING FOR SOM CRAP!!!!!, when mandriva is free and better, uve got apps like gimp = photoshop, openoffice, samba (for file sharing with windows), many other thing that dont even cost u a thing, thats the incredible part, u got to work a bit to get it running nicelly but its worth it, on microsoft if u need help they will never respond for issues on their own system, really this mandriva works great and vista is a copy of mac and linux, they dont got more imagination to creat their own things, guys start using linux because its the future os, hope u have a good time. thx

  34. I recently purchased a new Dell desk top with windows vista premium already installed. To say the least, it’s a piece of crap. I have been searcing the web for a site where I can complain and microsoft will actually read it. I am seriously considering filing a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commision and the Better Business bureau.

  35. I bought a new laptop a month ago with Vista Home Premium installed. Allowed it to update to SP1.

    Within a day I had a total lockup after pressing Winlogo + tab. Screen froze with the pretty pictures of all my open windows. It stayed that way for an hour till I worked out long press on power button is hard reboot. Lost data.

    Worst feature is Vista Windows Explorer. Navigation has become a pain. Advanced search disappears if I clear the search box of text. No up a folder icon. Drag and drop behavior changed. Navigation pane jumps sideways so I lose a sense of depth into the path. Maybe MS**t is planing to release Keyhole OS. Path is not properly displayed. View options change unpredicatably.

    Can’t bookmark into help. Can’t see help index to refresh my mind about the terms I could be looking for. Wasted realestate.

    Windows media says it can’t find the mp3 it is currently playing. That is like the old bloke who has lost his spectacles on his nose.


  36. I am being driven crazy.. My problem is with the enternet problems. Whenever I click on an icon and it brings up
    a new window. That window will freeze, in the lower left
    corner it says done. But now, my computor is locked up.
    The only option I have now is to close all my opened
    internet explorers. IS THERE SOME HELP FOR THIS?
    Tyrone Barham

  37. General Complaints

    To whom it may concern,

    I do hope you can view this message. It has been typed using the wonderful Microsoft Notepad. I purchased Mircosoft Windows Vista Home Premium upon upgrading from the Basic option on the U.K. Dell website. My premium service did not include Microsoft Word. This application is not accepted by many companies worldwide when it comes to sending documentation. I refuse to pay more.

    My system has been plagued by the update error “80070005”. This infuences me by slowing down my entire system. Upon many hundreds of hours I have come to the conclusion my only choice is to back-up everything and re-install Vista. No advisors are of any assistance. There is no plausible solution in any forums whatsoever otherwise. I no longer can put up with this incompetence after spoending this amount of money.

    Many collegues and friends have moved to the Apple corperation after dcecades of support. I will follow promptly. Your standards of service and end result are appauling. I would consider Microsoft the worst performing major brand of my lifetime. It is of no surprise whatsoever that Microsoft are losing significant ground to it’s competitors. The small things must be done correctly.

    I fully exect this message to be ignored by the incompetent staff of Microsoft. May you long continue to bamboozle your core audience.

    Another disgruntled Customer,
    Ian Daly

  38. I have just upgraded to vista and tried to run my wifes favorite game Chichtionary, Just after the download it runs fine, After we log off the game and try to go back to it a Macromedia projector has stop runing notice come up. I used the dics that microsoft sent me and for some unknow reason this problem has persisted, I tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling it, Same result. I demand that this problem with windows Vista be fixed yesterday.

  39. I just want XP back. I’ve written to Dell with no real assistance. Can I send my computer back to get reconfigured to XP? It was simple and user-friendly. Vista is a pig-headed precious beast that makes me have violent feelings that I don’t usually harbour.

  40. I just tried to tell you what I think. Are you in cahootz with Vista? I want XP back. It’s user-friendly and non-obstructive. Vista is the most precious and useless programme I’ve ever come across. What were you thinking??????

  41. I have purchased a system with VISTA Home Premium installed on it & I have occasional errors pop up such as going to a site/monitor shutdown & webcam use. Yahoo chat does not work for me @ all, even been through some “fixes/patches” for that & nothing. Not looking good. I sure hope they fix a lot of issues with SP2

  42. I have purchased a system with VISTA Home Premium installed on it & I have occasional errors pop up such as going to a site/monitor shutdown & webcam use.
    i can;t even use internet explorer anymore because it was hopelessly slow and it kept “not responding”!! . i resorted to firefox which is rather better but i still have problems. It was irresponsible of a company so grand as Windows to bring out a product which is obviously deflective and not sufficiently tested. i;m very disappointed but even more frustrated because i’ve spending money to fix problems that were there because of vista!!

  43. Msn dicontinued my email account, I told them that I really needed the account due to very important emails. They disregarded my good judgement. The document were very important. I really need the account for good communication. Someone give me advice on what I should do, should I[sue] the company, as stated very very important that are lost forever.

  44. vista is the worst thing to ever hit the shelvs and the fact that xp is being discontinued is even worse so i ADVISE PEOPLE TO GO AND BUY UR COPYS OF XP NOW!!! i honestly am getting ready to format all 75 of my network computers and run linux, microsoft sucks now, win 3.1 i could use still can actuly and 95, 98 were great at the time me was ok had its bugs , 200 was great and xp was the BOMB! but vista blows the sale away its useless it cant eaven run simple programs that xp could hands down, and its efichency is horeble. i am recomending to all the techs in my department to change to xp and scrap vista and buy more prod keys and xp cd’s
    bill gates you always were a theif and still are, and now your company has single handedly crippled you.

  45. i am oviously verrrry upset about the quality of this vista program. it’s nothing for me to just get kicked out at will and when you buy a new lap-top computer like i did, you get nothing free in it. i installed office suite 2009 and that helps but all i would ask of microsoft is to replace this program to all who have it with at xp or something comperable got to be better.I’m sure the money Bill Gates takes in from these lemons is enormous and would not break him to send us all refunds or replacements.I can get it installed myself.

  46. I had to buy a new laptop recently as I had a sudden opportunity for a job abroad and had to leave my trusty XP based PC at home. So I went to a shop to try and get a laptop with XP on it, but no joy.

    I had heard Vista is a ‘bit crap’ but I was stuck for time and needed something in a hurry, and I thought to myself “well I’ll manage it and adapt as I go”.

    Boy was I wrong! It is just a total and utter piece of garbage. It won’t run many of my previous music programs (necessary for my work), it won’t recognise my video camera, is so slow its unbelievable (to simply rename a folder takes about 3/4’s minute), some programs loaded but won’t save the file – useless.

    Every time I go to run a certain program (even as an admin, I have to ‘allow’ it – EVERYTIME, no such thing as ‘remember my answer for this program’). The list goes on and on. I have come so close to f**king it out the window so many times – pardon my French but it makes me so angry.

    A job I’m working on at the moment which would normally take a couple of hours to do (recording guitar demos), so far has taken me 3 days to do as the recording function keeps disappearing. I estimate I may get the job finished in a week at the current rate as opposed to what would normally take me 2 hours with XP.

    Even typing this post is taking ages as it keeps ‘freezing and slowing down’ as I type.

    I’m gonna bring it back to the shop next week and demand a refund or something with XP on it or a copy of XP which I may be able to install after formatting the whole PC. Not sure if that’ll work but worth a try.

    It seems to me that Vista was released WAY before testing on it was done. I think its an INSULT to any poor unfortunate who bought it, or should I say was forced to buy it. It’ll probably explode here in front of me as I write about its numerous faults.

    What an absolute crock of …


    Mr. Angry with Vista.

    P.S. Vista? They should have called it ‘Shitsta’

  47. Wow, as a business owner using the less than adequate Vista has been a nightmare. How about a class action lawsuit. I have spent thousands on problems with Vista. I am so hot right now, I’d love to get these people in a room. The sad thing is I am only running about 7 computers with it. Oh yeah, how easy is the networking?

    THIS VISTA IS S……! Come on Bill.

  48. I have had Vista now for almost a year when I purchased a new HP laptop 64 bit. I had so much trouble with freezing, losing some options on certain windows, blue screens and non responding programs that I experimented an found that it was better to down grade to 32 bit vista. I know what you are going to say “you must have had a 32 bit program in there that was messing up the 64 bit”. Fact is the troubles started before I put any programs on there and I did the “vista compatible thing” with all the programs on the MS website. So I have been running 32 bit vista since about january and things were okay for a while but now it does not matter what program I run I am confronted with the dreaded “non responding” program again and the “your computer has had a major meltdown and has had to shut down”. If I had a dollar for every “non responding program I would be a millionare. God I hope Windows 7 is better than this piece of junk. I am so desperate I am going to camp outside the store to get the program. The reviews I have read sound promising even from a few “Apple” people so I hope it is as good as they say. Signing off Kanga1

  49. I bought a new HP computer from Staples and it came with windows vista in it and it is the worst piece of garbage I have ever seen ! Is there another program that I can have installed in this machine ?
    It is not compatable with any programs including my e-mail and I have tried for a week , and it is no good !
    I had windows xp and it was excelent on my old machine but the machine died ! I have only had this machine for a week and it is a very poorly designed piece of garbage I am ready to throw it out in the garbage !

  50. I believe Micro soft should foot the bill to replace Windows Vista with Windows 7 for those that purchased their puters with Vista already installed.

  51. VISTA, please have mercy on your customers. You have deliberately blocked us from recording the sounds of online video clips.

    Yeh, you have provided manual on your site to fix it, but it is only a SCAM. I tried every step of it but IT WON’T WORK.


  52. Hi people, I wrote back in September 2nd about my Vista woes and how I was going to camp outside the software store and and upgrade to Windows7. What a difference a few weeks make. Bought Windows7 and parted with my hard earned cash to Mr Gates, all seemed to be going well except for the occasional “non-responding” program but about a week ago the “BLUE SCREEN MEANIE” started. So now i not only have to put up with the non-responding programs but the unexplained non-warning of blue screen crashes which when you are in the middle of work it is damned inconvenient. he blue screen crashes are at about 3 a day give or take. So. . . and this may sound strange but I do miss the reasonable stability of Vista and I definitely miss Xp, not sure what goes on at Microsoft these days apart from making buckets of money for my “friend” Bill but I am seriously considering a MAC because windows sucks. Cheers Kanga1

  53. I am using HP Laptop having following specification :-

    HP Pavilion dv2500
    S/N 2CE7393JBP
    P/N GS119PA#ACJ
    Microsoft Vista : Product Key: GX093-9Y629-6PD34-XQGTR-WD22V

    Microsoft Vista is installed in my Laptop but I am feeling too many problems in operating this software.

    You are, therefore, requested to kindly replace Microsoft Vista with your Microsoft-7 or Microsoft XP for smooth operating of the same.

    Your due cooperation into the matter is solicited.



  54. Microsoft people must have been desperate for cash to jam vista into the market before it could even work out the obvious bugs! There seems to be no end to the glitches and problems that come with trying to use it.When I purchased my system I had no idea I would have to constantly research how to reprogram it so it would function as expected. Perhaps it will find it’s purpose as an anchor for my boat.

  55. vista problems

    my computer was installing updates for windows vista. after it gave me an error message about my display settings running in low resolution and the message that i had to reboot the computer. arfter the computer rebooted there was no display, couldn’t see anything.
    couldn’t boot up in safe mode, the computer would lock up. know i’m being told the only way to fix the problem is to reinstall windows from a boot disk, meaning i loose all of my fills and programs. And because i’m overseas, the warrenty is not honored. so, not only do i lose everything on my computer but my time and money as well. thanks microsoft.

  56. I purchased a new Dell desktop ten months ago,It had vista on it.My printer has been down ten times, each time it said. spooler not working. After ten calls to dell each session lasting from one to two and a half hours I was told that vista had a glitch in it and to correct this problem I would be required to purchase Windows 7 at a cost of 150.00 I also contacted microsoft and was told the same thing.Has anyone else had this problem.

    Joe Hogge

  57. I bought windows vista with my HP Pavalion simline computer and have been using it since then; but now I get warning just at the time of opening that the windows is not genuine; and I am asked to buy a new set . What it is? How many times should I pay for windows Vista? Please solve the problem.
    Sailen Debnath

  58. I am surprised no one has sued Microsoft for releasing a product such as Vista, which clearly was not ready for the market, the end result being consumers paying to fix problems that are clearly factory bugs.
    I for one bought a gateway laptop which came installed with Vista. I detected a problem with the OS within months of using it when I realized that it wouldn’t install some critical updates but out of fear of losing my files and being without a PC I persevered. Now recently I tried to install SP1 and the OS crashed completely. Now Gateway, as well as other PC repair companies wants me to come out of pocket to pay for the necessary repairs. During this whole fiasco I have heard nothing out of Microsoft and I’m wondering why weren’t PC’s recalled that had Vista installed, similar to what they do with cars that have factory faults.
    How much more are the consumers suppose to take, is this ‘fair’, is this even legal, or is Microsoft’s money so vast that they can treat the consumer like this and get away?

  59. Who is there to protect the consumer in all this, who is going to stand up for us?

  60. Windows vista might be stable as an OS. But for gaming its even worse then windows 95!
    Its a shame that a company with so much money makes this crap. And dont even think they care, becouse they will get the money anyway. Windows XP is good, they should have taken that one as example and build from there. Vista is just a misplaced idea, they mixed up all the options wich should make things ”easyer” to find. But it only makes it more complicated becouse people are used to the oldscool options (wich is realy obvious afcourse). I other words, vista is a big fail, dont buy it!

  61. Sorry. Hope it’s Ok to vent my annoyance on your site, but Microsoft has not replied to my feedback & I need somewhere to post this note I sent them. Perhaps they’ll read it here, Thanks; No reply needed

    Dear Microsoft,

    My computer was reduced to a crawl this morning. I closed Firefox which was bizarrely using 70% of my processor despite being on an empty page. I tried a virus check (of course very slow!), I shut everything down. I tried a new version of Explorer instead, but that also killed my computer’s performance. I now realise it was the Windows Vista update being downloaded. Could I ask that you (Microsoft) to tell your Windows users when you are downloading an update, so us customers know that it’s you that is knobbling our computers. A option might then be given then that your update is only to be downloaded slowly, when the processor is idle. Surely that would be a (rather blindingly) obvious option to offer?

    After the download, when ‘update then shut down’ got threatened by Windows, I picked the last of the 3 options given (option 1) shut down now : 2) shut down in 10 minutes & 3) in 4 hours. So 4 hours later, (57 minutes into a great movie) everything closed down. Microsoft gave no notice and no option was given to delay close-down until later. Surely a (blindingly obvious) 4th & default option should be offered that Microsoft updates when the computer is shut down, at the end of a day? Thanks geoff

  62. Win7 is too slow…I hate win7………..I will nerver buy a produkt from you again,………

  63. I am pissed of with windows it will block web pages that I want I need another program that lets you veiw what you want any tips

  64. I used to have vista, but don’t throw out that micso$oft computer just yet!
    First, look up a linux distro, like Ubuntu
    (*Ubuntu reccomended for first time users*)
    Download Ubuntu ISO, then burn to CD,
    Then, turn off your computer with the cd tray open and insert the Ubuntu CD,
    slide in the disk tray when you turn it on,
    install to hard disk, then follow instructions,
    Then, after installed go to Ubuntu software center and search “virus”
    Virus Scanner should pop up.
    Then, Install that and your all set!
    If you want to install window$ software, then use wine, or search Ubuntu alternatives for the program.
    For example,
    Microsoft office alternative = Open Office
    There, your all done! Now it’s 5 times as useful than it was before!

  65. I have a Toshiba Satellite with Windows Vista. This is the worst software I have EVER>>>EVER>>>>>>EVER worked with. The problems are to numerous to count. I am afraid to update in that I may destroy my machine. Microsoft knew it was a crap program. I agree with Timothy Broady. Microsoft should do the update for free.

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