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WicketPixie is a free “premium” Social Media WordPress theme. This was designed to make it easer for you to add more power to your blog with easy configuration options and often-requested features. It’s being actively maintained by volunteers, although it still needs a lot of love by the hands of skilled developers and designers. Sadly, these are in short supply – but you are more than welcome to try the latest.

Download and install your own copy (please read the included directions). Or, if you’re a developer or designer, feel free to join the theme project to fix bugs you find and make WicketPixie even better! Unfortunately, this site is no longer running WicketPixie, largely due to the lack of optimization that exists in current builds of WicketPixie. Again, you’re more than welcome to join the project if you have truly skilled hands.


v1.2 – TBA, 2009 (RC2 – September 3, 2009)

  • FEATURE: AdSense for Search functionality.
  • CHANGE: Add AdSense ads via code instead of ad IDs.
  • PERFORMANCE: New AdminPage class written from scratch in hopes of better admin pages overall.
  • PERFORMANCE: Switched back to using WordPress’ database functions for storing settings.
  • PERFORMANCE: Using the SimplePie library included with WordPress.
  • PERFORMANCE: Updated widgets to use WordPress 2.8’s new Widget API.
  • PERFORMANCE: Sped up page loads by moving JavaScript files down to the footer and adding a PHP flush() call in the header to get content out sooner.
  • ADDED: TweetMeme widget on posts is now toggleable.
  • ADDED: The number of Flickr photos displayed in the Flickr badge is now selectable in WicketPixie Admin.
  • PLUGIN: Updated StatPress Reloaded to 1.5.21.
  • REMOVED: TweetMeme widget on the home page.
  • REMOVED: Some of the defaults Chris wanted in WicketPixie.

v1.1.2 – May 21, 2009

  • ADDED: AJAX loader to keep users from looking at a half-loaded page.
  • FIXED: Some bugs in the Adsense code.
  • FIXED: Broken admin pages made it impossible to save any settings.

v1.1.1 – April 19, 2009

  • FIXED: Temporary beautification of the theme during page loads.

v1.1 – April 18, 2009

  • FEATURE: Global Announcements allow you to set a message that is displayed
    globally across your site.
  • FEATURE: The Home Editor lets you modify important parts of your homepage
    without ever touching the template itself.
  • FEATURE: Those nifty social buttons? Yeah, we threw those in too. 😉
  • FEATURE: The Custom Code feature allows you to add custom code to
    header.php, footer.php, and after post content without modifying the template
  • FEATURE: Adsense Integration allows you insert Adsense ads in the
    recommended areas without touching the templates.
  • PLUGIN: Numerous plugins have been added:
    All-in-one SEO pack, AskApache 404, Auto-hyperlink URLs, Chitika Premium,
    FAlbum, Kontera, Obfuscate Email, PageNavi, and StatPress Reloaded
  • PLUGIN: Updated Related Posts plugin to version 1.0.
  • ADDED: WicketPixie has it’s own top-level menu in WordPress’ admin area.
    There is also a top-level menu for the plugins bundled with WicketPixie.
  • ADDED: On the homepage and on single posts, a new ReTweet widget is shown
    along with the number of Tweets linking to that post and a retweet button.
  • PERFORMANCE: We are using Google to serve jQuery and favicons, so page load
    times will have decreased.
  • PERFORMANCE: Status update caching caches the latest feed item from the
    designated source for status updates. If the cache is older than 45 seconds,
    a new cache is built.
  • UPDATED: Twitter post will show “from WicketPixie” now after you publish
    a blog post and have Twitter set to be notified by WicketPixie.
  • UPDATED: @{username here} in status updates will now link to that user’s
    Twitter profile, if Twitter is set to provide the updates of course.
  • UPDATED: Made the search highlight plugin optional.
  • FIXED: Checkboxes in WicketPixie Options will remember their settings.
  • FIXED: Nofollow has been added to header and navigational links for better
  • FIXED: Appended UNIX timestamp to the end of CSS files to prevent caching.
  • FIXED: Many other bugs 😛

v1.0.4 – January 19, 2009 by Eddie Ringle

  • FEATURE: Plain-text URLs in the Status Updates box are now hyperlinked,
    now only one click is required for visitors.
  • FEATURE: WicketPixie Services Notification System. Basically, when a
    user publishes a blog post, Ping.fm or Twitter, depending on what the
    user setup, is notified and a link to that blog post is sent out.
  • FIXED: Fixed a few CSS issues

v1.0.3 – January 7, 2009 by Eddie Ringle

  • FEATURE: Now only the wicketpixie folder is required, and everything
    has been either automated or moved into the theme folder,
    making things much easier on the user.
  • ADDED: Added a footer notice in the admin area including the current
    version of WicketPixie.
  • PERFORMANCE: More UI improvements, now the all the admin pages WicketPixie
    adds load much faster and do not halt in the middle of loading.
  • UPDATED: Updated SimplePie version.

v1.0.2 – January 4, 2009 by Eddie Ringle

  • FEATURE: UI improvements to certain WicketPixie forms. For example,
    if a source has no feed associated, it will show “N/A” on the
    Sources Manager page. Also, you can’t flush non-feed streams,
    so the buttons to flush them have been removed.
  • UPDATED: Updated Source Manager and Faves Manager for WordPress 2.7+
    as well as leaving it backwards compatible with WordPress 2.5+
  • FIXED: Fixed the activity stream, it now shows your activity stream!

v1.0.1 – June 8, 2008

  • UPDATED: Updated documentation
  • FIXED: Eliminated activity.php error

v1.0 – June 7, 2008

  • Initial Release


Billy McGovern made an amazing set of WicketPixie Tutorials for you to watch, too!

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