What You Say Will Come Back to Haunt You

I’ve talked many times before about the dangers of saying the wrong thing online. Things that you say on the Internet can – and WILL eventually – come back to bite you in the ass. A sad trend I’ve seen lately is the number of people who tweet while they are inebriated. Sure, they may delete the tweet the next day while sober again. However, the damage has been done. People like Robert Scoble could call you out on it, forever reminding people of what you said. Others will retweet you, or somehow archive what you’ve said. Worse yet, your boss may read it.

A few hours ago, Lynn Fox (the VP of PR for Palm) posted something I think she may soon regret:

Men, I love you all, but someone needs to be honest with you at some point. You’re retarded. Unless you’re gay. Let the healing begin.

Oy vey. I won’t begin to speculate as to what prompted her to send something like this over Twitter for her followers – and the World – to see. I will, however, repeat myself once again… Watch. What. You. Say. Online!. It’s not that difficult, people. Stop signing into Twitter when you are drunk, stoned, pissed off, depressed or whatever other emotional state you are in. It’s FINE to share things with your network. I’m not saying you shouldn’t. But if you cannot be both coherent and even – dare I say it? – NICE, then you have no business Twittering at that time. Take a step back. Think about what the hell you are frantically typing. Take a breath and then re-read what you’re saying before you hit that Send button, people.

I have said my fair share of stupid things in my life, some even recently I’m sure. However, I DO attempt not to alienate an entire gender with just a few words. I’m sure Ms. Fox knows that not all of us men are “retarded”. Many of us may be jerks, and some may even be downright assholes. But as a whole, did we really deserve that?

4 thoughts on “What You Say Will Come Back to Haunt You”

  1. I say good for her. Folks need to quit worrying about what they say so much, and start being themselves. I applaud her for saying what she thinks, off the job on her Twitter, and damn the drama queens that will make a big deal of it.

    Not to mention she is correct about 99% of the male Internet population. A bunch of desperate, boob hunting retards trying to hook up in text over a digital medium. I am a heterosexual male who remembers what it is to respect a woman and try my damnedest not to be a retard around women.

    I have more respect for her since she said that, it shows she is a real person who can speak her mind.

  2. Chris, I don’t think this will ever change…. As you say, we have all said, written and done things we later regret, and we can say sorry… but online as you say it can be cast up!

    The positive side to that though is that anyone who says sorry, and can be genuine is saying, LISTEN I WAS AN IDIOT, should be allowed to get on with things. Its the people from then on who cast it all back up, who are the ones who should shut up and move on with their own lives.

    I’m sire the ones who attack and cast up have a lot of things they keep silent about and hope nobody else finds out about….

    In fact… I have a good post idea for the GEEKS site now…. and see what you think of this if we take it to extremes….

  3. simple……………….IF YOU DONT TELL IT ………THEY WONT KNOW (AND PLEASE don’t have it in your profile……..as that can be just as damaging too!!!!!!!!

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