What Are You Wearing?

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Welcome to Pirillo Vlog 436, where we learn definitively that Dollhouse Pink is not my shade of lipstick.

What Are You Wearing?Which is kind of a shame, really, considering it would be convenient to share with Diana at those times when we’re out on the town and I’ve forgotten mine at home.

What we can share, however, are a bunch of shirts that the kind folks at StaticStuff.com sent to us, and which Diana generously models for us in this vlog.

Later, Diana calls me a damned dirty ape, but alleges that she actually just called me a thief. Either way, I think it’s a whole bunch of monkeyshines up with which I will not put.

In fact, I’m just going to abide, per The Dude’s wise advice. Otherwise, life can turn out to be a world of pain.