We’re Gonna Host a Vlogger Event

Many of you may remember (or have even attended) the annual Gnomedex event that I used to put together — at first in my native homeland of Des Moines, and then in my adopted homeland of Seattle. And as rewarding as the experience was, it was so time consuming to organize that I had to shelve the whole thing indefinitely to focus on other things that I hope to/want to/need to do with my life. This isn’t to say that it could never come back (never, as they say, say never), but for next year (2013 for the time travelers and out-of-touch among us), Diana and I have been throwing around the idea of a smaller scale event that could be a lot of fun with the added bonus of not driving me totally monkeybats.

I go into it in more detail in the vlog (above), but the basic premise is this: an event in the summer(ish) of 2013 that would take place in the Seattle area, which would bring together vloggers and vlog audiences. It’s sort of in the bare bones of planning at this point, but it’s an idea that I’d love to get rolling sooner than later. With your feedback, it may just be possible.

What d’you say?