Use an Ad-Blocker Even if You Don’t Want to Block Ads

Various ad-blocking extensions are darn handy – even if you don’t care to block actual ads. Not only can you block ads, rickrolls and things you really don’t have time to have to see, these browser addons can also warn you when a site contains malicious content.

When you first install most ad-block extensions, you won’t see the filters created to list domains used for spreading spyware and malware. This listing started out as a tool for DNS servers, but has been converted to a filter so people using ad blocking services can keep themselves that much safer when using Firefox or Chrome.

There may be a few ads on our software site but I can guarantee you there is no malicious content!

One thought on “Use an Ad-Blocker Even if You Don’t Want to Block Ads”

  1. Just FYI, Chrome’s version of AdBloc Plus can’t actually block some kinds of content scripts. Meaning, it would still download and let them get executed. The one for Firefox, on the other hand, is a homerun.

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