Ubuntu Response from RedHat CEO

“GTPeach” from our chat room asked me if I wanted to ask a question of the RedHat CEO. I asked how he felt about Ubuntu. She told me this:

He went off for quite some time with this question. The summary of points is this: He has a lot of issues with Ubuntu regarding integrity. He says they are similar to Fedora but make too many compromises. They have “different levels of commitment to the Open Source community”. As an example, he says Fedora uses only the Open Source drivers while Ubuntu uses any. He also brought up the proprietary rights to things like CDs; saying that Ubuntu will allow you to lie about the country you are from in order to easily download codecs required to run CDs which “facilitates illegality” and Fedora merely takes you to a place you can buy the necessary codecs. He says the biggest issue he has with Ubuntu is the way that they treat the community. He says they “propagate the viewpoint that Open Source both violates intellectual property rights and is nothing more than a community of piracy.” He believes RedHat does not compromise their community, but instead builds it up, and refuses to make the same compromises regardless of the ease of use.

Yeah, but isn’t the nature of the Linux community to circumvent certain kinds legalities just to get something done? :)