The iPod does a Paris Hilton Sex Video

iDont care what you say: the iPhone is not the end-all, be-all iDevice. I refuse to fall iVictim to the iHype, and iReally iWish all you damn iApple iFanboys would get off my iDamn iBack. iGet it already: you love your iPhone. Great. Life goes on. I’ll be interested in the iPhone after a few iFirmware iRevisions down the iRoad. Until then, it remains a locked-down, overpriced device that doesn’t iCompletely trump its iPredecesors.

For the mobile industry, it’s a gigantic leap ahead in terms of usability and experience – but it doesn’t come close to wiping the walls with compelling iFeatures. You tell me that I need to hold an iPhone in my iHands to get the iTrue iPhone iExperience – but I already know that it’s not going to iHave me at “Hello.” Give me until Leopard, at least?! Jeez, I feel like I need to be a dissenter just to balance out all the iEcho chamber iPhone noise.


28 thoughts on “The iPod does a Paris Hilton Sex Video”

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  7. Chris, your endless misery with life explains why you shouldn’t buy an iPhone. You remind me of New York Jewish people who complain about everything including whining and complaining about everything that delights others, such as the iPhone. It’s a delightful device! Simple as that. And I CAN afford it now (iLove it) and I can afford the next one, and then next one. Apple simply provides me with great pleasure and I don’t limit myself from their pleasure giving brilliance because the haven’t given me the ULTIMATE product! You’re just a cheap miserable ‘Jewish’ boy who can’t part with his money for something as simple as Pleasure. You can’t even appreciate Apple’s long term business strategies which INCLUDE enticing customers without giving them everything a new product can do in the first release. Are you an idiot? Perhaps you don’t understand ‘long-term business strategy’. All of the ‘must haves’ that aren’t in the first release of any Apple product have already been carefully set aside for 2.0 and 3.0 for long term profit gains. For a ‘Jewish’ boy you don’t seem to have any kind of business sense. Mr. Jobs does. He’s a brilliant Jew! Don’t you realize all of your complaints about the iphone were strategically held back for the ‘next generation.’ Duh! Now, go back to your pain in the ass PC corner and apparent loathing for Vista (another Apple rip-off) and sit there and fume over Apple’s stunning success, thrilled Mac groupies, and millions of delighted customers who ENJOY life. Clearly the only thing you won’t complain about in your LIFE will be your funeral service.

  8. Funny!

    This coming from a guy who bought a tony little gazelle and is going to webcam himself using it.

  9. Thank goodness for freedom of speech *peers at Danny*. The iPhone is neat, but I agree that the hype machine does need to derail every once in a while.

    What I am commenting on though is the video. That is both the funniest and absolute creepiest thing I’ve seen in ages Chris…criminy.

  10. Any idiot who buys a phone that runs up thousands of dollars of roaming charges without asking for permission to make data calls in the background DESERVES to get iPunk’d and become yet another iVictim.

    My Treo does everything the iPhone can, does it better, and doesn’t drain my wallet. You go, iFools. :)

  11. I have an iphone and I am not a Jewboy. This product compared to even the free phones or I should say the cheapest phones would result in the iPhone losing. The interface is crippled by design. Using the internet is a huge pita. apple compression codec for music is disgustingly poor. Unfortunately in north America we have been brainwashed into thinking that music that has all of its ability to evoke an emotion is acceptable. Touch screen … Big deal. If you love your iPhone that’s great. For me its just a kids toy. It does not do anything great. Kind of like an easy bake oven. I amgoing to give this to my daughter to play with as soon as the rim 9000 comes out.

  12. Hi I just wanted to say that you both have great points, but I just got the voyager, and I already had the itouch. in comparison the itouch is better. It surfs the web faster and it has great games. However the signal is bad!!!! The iPhone should be with verizon.

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