The Death of Two Devices

Today saw the death of two devices that we were actually looking forward to getting our hands on. Neither of these gadgets ever saw the light of day outside of their respective manufacturer’s offices. Both of them were going to be truly innovative in their own ways. Neither of them will get the chance to prove themselves in an ever-changing market. Both the HP Windows 7 Tablet device and the Microsoft Courier project are now dead in the water.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft never confirmed a single Courier rumor until the day it was put to rest. This is actually depressing news. The combination of both touch- and pen-based computing was compelling, and we waited with bated breath for news of its impending arrival. That arrival has been indefinitely delayed, and the wind has gone out of our sails.

The HP device announcement is a bit different. They are killing the idea of a tablet running Windows 7. But… they haven’t said much yet on the speculations surrounding what the company will do with their newly-acquired webOS. According to Nick Eaton, “iPad’s user interface is simple. It’s not a keyboard-less laptop with a touch screen, it’s its own type of device.” In order to begin to compete with it, HP and other companies are going to need to keep that in mind. Think about it. What if an HP tablet came out running a new version of webOS? Imagine the possibilities…

My mind boggles as I struggle to come up with the possibilities of what we may soon see. These companies know that they have to come up with something truly new, different and genius in order to begin to compete with what Apple has done. I know that the technology and the brains to put it to use are out there. I can’t wait to see what they come up with, can you?

6 thoughts on “The Death of Two Devices”

  1. Sad. I have an iPad but was looking forward to getting an hp windows 7 one. I write windows programs and would have been able to use it at work. Right now my iPad for work is just a glorified paper tablet and email.

  2. Nice job, Chris. You’re the only ones to really mention the timing of these two highly anticipated devices with respect to each other and try to surmise its meaning.

    I believe both of these announcements are bigger than people are acknowledging, and it is too bad we won’t be able to find out their true ramifications for some time (I’m guessing CES 2011 at the earliest.).

  3. I’ll be honest. I was looking forward to the Slate. The O/S was already there. Multitouch is sitting running right now. The ability to have a full fledged MultiTouch device still able to run all my regular apps for a FRACTION more than the iPad had me wanting more.

    Hewlett Packard, pursuing new options is a fantastic idea but just WHAT was the Slate missing? You HAD a running O/S, you HAD hardware, you HAD multi touch running ALREADY with the O/S.

    I’ll be honest, the courier didn’t have me thinking of anything but the SLATE! A complete device with multiTouch ability AND capable of running current applications fully compatible with hardware in a present office! Let’s get right to the point. The SLATE could do something that even iPad can’t do. It could share FILES with an OS/X computer as WELL as leveraging WebBased applications like the iPad.

    Come on Hewlett Packard, buying Palm and giving life to some of it’s fantastic phones and organizers was a brilliant move.

    Dropping the Slate was not however.

    I for one, will spend my money on a MultiTouch laptop for $500 instead of your newest “As not even conceived of or released” device.

    Sorry, your loss. My Gain.

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