The Beanie is Back, Baby

Just like shaven heads, turtleneck sweaters, corduroy slacks, white belts, afros, loud shirts, jackets with snaps, tight pants, mustaches, nose rings, and denim vests, hats aren’t for everyone. Could you imagine, for instance, a world where no portrait of Richard Milhous Nixon was complete without his trademark beret?

That’s a parallel universe I’d like to glimpse — just once. If the quantum visionaries are correct, it’s out there somewhere, along with Jesse James in a turban, Winston Churchill in a fez, Elvis Presley in a tricorn, and maybe — just maybe — Chris Pirillo in a beanie?

Imagine no further! You won’t need to hitchhike on the back of a god particle or tunnel your way down a cosmos-defying wormhole, for I shall astound and amaze you with just such a sight in this very version of our universe! Yes. For a limited time only — let’s call it autumn and maybe winter — I will be keeping my geeky noggin warm with the comforting woolen snugness of a skull-hugging beanie. Or at least for an episode or two of this vlog. I like to keep you guessing (because, to be honest, I don’t even know if I can rock the beanie with the requisite level of confidence that some of the world’s greatest beanie-wearers can muster).

Beanie forth!

The Beanie is Back, Baby

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