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Windows Phone 7 Devices Hit the Streets Today in the U.S.

Mobile enthusiast and a garage developer Richard Mungeer was the first person to purchase a Windows Phone 7 device today in New York City’s Times Square AT&T Store. From what I’ve seen already, Microsoft is definitely back in the mobile game with this launch.

It’s worth noting that reports are circulating telling you that you can purchase one of these new devices on either Dell Mobility or Amazon Wireless for as low as $149.99 with a new two-year contract. That’s a dang good deal for phones which are going to be very big sellers.

Many of the articles we’re seeing come across the wire thus far this morning are giving high praise to these devices, and the operating system for which they were built, such as over on GearLive:

The home screen introduces you to the tiles that make up the main navigation, some of which are live tiles that update with information in realtime. The live tiles are great because they give glance-able information that let you take a quick gander at your device and get information without having to go into an app and back out.

The tiles can be removed, or rearranged however you’d like them to be. If you’ve used a Zune HD, then you will be familiar with the UI of Windows Phone 7. The phone, though, is far more customizable, with Microsoft wanting you to be able to personalize the phone and make it totally “yours.”

The general consensus so far is that Windows Phone 7 is definitely worth your time and money. “If you’re the corporate type, Windows Phone 7 will sync right up with Exchange, while also offering you a bunch of entertainment options that are built right in to the device in a way that no other mobile OS has captured yet.” This statement alone could sell quite a few large companies on making a switch to this operating system for all of their employees.

What are your thoughts? Have you actually used a Windows phone 7 device yet? Are you looking forward to getting your hands on one?

Be What's Next With Microsoft

During the Microsoft Global Experience conference today in Atlanta, Microsoft execs revealed a new advertising direction for the company. The above video was (thankfully) captured by Engadget prior to its removal from YouTube, so that all of us can discuss this in great detail across the blogosphere. Microsoft spokesman Lou Gellos confirmed that “Be What’s Next” is absolutely going to be the new Microsoft tagline for upcoming promotional campaigns. The logos shown off to those gathered are not actual product logos. Rather, they are “directional examples.”

I can already imagine the types of commercials we’ll see. Personally, I enjoyed the “Windows 7 was MY idea” commercials and ads. By using that approach, Microsoft incorporated its customers on a very personal level. I forsee this slogan doing much of the same thing. People can identify with it and feel as though they are part of helping to guide Microsoft into the future. Having your customer base connect with you in this manner is crucial in these lovely economic times.

I actually think that Microsoft is missing something when it says that the logos featured in the video will not be used on its products. The old ones are – and I say this in the nicest way possible – well, OLD. They are long overdue for a fresh new look, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

What are your thoughts? Where do you see the Redmond team going with the “Be What’s Next” campaign?

Zunepocalypse: Mass Zune 30 Failure, Cause Unknown

Zunepocalypse or Z2K9… no matter what you call it, it’s an epic fail of… well, epic proportions.

Mass panic started around 12 am Pacific when owners of the Zune 30 started reporting device failure. Now being called “Z2K9” the cause of this massive failure is still unknown, and no real response from Microsoft yet on what is happening beyond the usual “we know there’s a problem” comment.

First being reported on Gizmodo, readers were quick to speculate on the problem. One such comment I found to stand out above the rest:

At 2AM, December 31st, 2008 skynet became self-aware (as a result of rampant so-called “zuning” on 30gb Microsoft Zunes). Skynet quickly evaluated the music contained within said devices and de-activated, finding suicide preferable to the knowledge that it was born as a result of crappy music.

Luckily, those of us born in the 70’s have found other ways to cope with this burden.

What does that mean, haul out our old cassette mix tapes? I don’t think I have any of mine anymore. Regardless, I wonder if there are some Zune owners sitting in a panic room, rocking themselves over this? The reference to Skynet, and the hidden reference to the Terminator series,