What is the Best Aisle in the Store?

When you head out to your local grocery store, what aisle do you enjoy wandering down the most? I truly dislike shopping – even for groceries. Going to the store is absolutely painful for me. I grab a cart, rush up and down the various aisles and throw things into the basket. I have a tendency to lose people I am with and have been known to run into people a time or two in my quest to get it over with.

However, I admit there is one aisle at my favorite store that I slow down for. I will go slowly, salivating over everything on display, trying to figure out which items have to go home with me that day.

What is your favorite part of the store?

Wine Time

According to some health experts, drinking a glass of wine every day is good for your heart:

Wine Time

They didn’t really say how small the glass had to be, though! Okay, so perhaps a clarification was made at some point – but I’m going to pretend I didn’t read that part.

This is a nurse LEGO minifig attained at BrickCon by @HipsForHire yesterday. It got to the wine before I could, and I had to clean up small piles of LEGO puke this morning. That stuff is impossible to get out of carpet!

Oh, and the wine was a nice Black Box cabernet sauvignon. Yes, I drink box wine and collect LEGO. You got a problem with that?

Box Wine Myth

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There is often a bad perception surrounding box wine. People turn their noses up, feeling the quality couldn’t possibly be good. I’m not a wine snob – I’ll try anything at least once! I also am a person who lives alone and therefore doesn’t always drink a bottle of wine before it goes stale. Drinking this boxed wine is a great solution. The inner bag is vacuum-sealed so that the liquid inside manages to retain the taste for a long period of time. Best of all… the taste is actually darn good much of the time.

Imei is a good friend who happens to live alone, as well. When I told her about my collection of boxed wines, she was pretty skeptical. I run into this often, so I’m used to it! However, she’s a good sport and readily agreed to taste-test some of these with me – on one condition! She said we had to drink right from the spigot. Oh heck yes! I’m down with that.

Imei was happily surprised to find how tasty some of these were. Granted, they aren’t exactly from a vintage year or premium cellar. However, they go down well and satisfy my urge for a good glass of wine. I’m not only saving money by paying less in the beginning… I’m also saving it by not letting the wine go to waste.

Saving money AND having good wine… how can it get any better than that?

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