See Ya, 2009! Hello, 2010!

As I sit here preparing for the big event tonight, I can’t help but reminisce about Cory. While doing so, it just reminds me of the past ten years in general in my life. What a decade it has been! I’ve been fortunate to make a good career out of doing things I am passionate about, and I can honestly say I love what I do. My Gnomedex conference is heading into its tenth year in 2010, and I promise you we’re already working hard to make it as awesome as we possibly can!

I’m not one to make resolutions, really. Instead, I prefer to set goals for myself. I know that if I say “I will… “, it will likely not happen exactly the way I planned. Life gets in the way. Priorities can change in an instant depending on what’s going on around you. I would rather just set some goals for myself, my community, and my work. What goals or resolutions do you have?

I could never have accomplished everything in the early part of this year that I have if it weren’t for all of you – the community. Your support, strength and enthusiasm have driven me further, helping me to reach for new heights personally and professionally. You guys (and gals!) are the backbone of everything I do. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here, and going along for the ride with me on our journey into 2010!

Have a happy, healthy and safe New Year, everyone!

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iPhone vs Windows Mobile

A geek known as Gilbert shares a familiar tale of frustration: which is the best mobile device to own? I’m sure you’ve already made up your mind by the time you reached the end of that sentence, but let’s hear a little bit more about what’s going on in Gilbert’s world. He scribbles:

Thanks for your great contrast between the iPhone and the Windows Mobile devices, on how it relates to business use. I had been using the HTC Advantage for a year and a half now. Although I loved the big screen and strong processor and memory, I’ve gotten tired of lugging that big “brick” around and was looking for an alternative.

I decided to purchase the HTC Fuze yesterday to lighten the load and replace the Advantage as my portable device. I brought it home and played with it, and I was . . . kinda impressed, but also disappointed. I have never owned an iPhone, but, I bought my wife an iPhone for Xmas last year, and my daughter also owns an ITouch. So, I had a cursory overview of what the Apple OS “PDA” could do.

Like yourself (back in the day), I was perfectly happy with WM, for the most part.

But there was a certain application it couldn’t do. So, frustrated, I came across your youtube opinion on the contrast between Windows Mobile, and specifically, the Sprint equivialant to the HTC Fuze, and, it hit home.

In less than 24 hours, I traded my Fuze in and am now a proud owner of an iPhone 3G. I think it was the right purchase, and, in the long run, it will pay off. But I want to tell you that, initially, I’m some what surprised as to the challenges that I’m now facing, that I didn’t have with my initial WM device.

First off, I have a Motorola S9 bluetooth headphones. It paired beutifally with my HTC. It paired with my iPhone, it just doesn’t work. I hear no music through the headphones, but plenty through iPhone speakers.

Second, the e-mail, which was a big sway for me in your commentary, I couldn’t get it register with the e-mail function on the iPhone. I utilize Hotmail, and the iPhone, didn’t configure it. I believe there was a $20/Year workaround by a gateway service, but hey, I didn’t need that using WM6. I then thought I’d sign up for Yahoo mail, but, that attempt failed since it appears you need a $20/Year upgrade to set up the proxy servings there, as well. And MobileMe, at $99/Year, when (my mail) ts free now, well, as you “tried” to say . . . “forget about it!” I also noticed that I couldn’t install Windows Live Search. This was a great function in WM6, that’s not, understandably so, available for our beloved Apple device.

These are just my first 12 hour initial observations. I am, for the most part excited about overcoming these “iPhone shortcomings”. But, I just thought I’d share with you my initial observations of the contrasts from my perspective. Yeah Windows Mobile is clunky and stale, but damm, it does a lot of things pretty adequately!

As a P.S., the reason I chose the HTC Advantage was because it had a Video Out, and, Windows Mobile had the SlingBox application. This worked well for me. I researched and knew that the iPhone doesn’t have the SlingBox capability yet, but Slingbox is working on it. The Video Out on the iPhone is limited to just the media output itself, but not the full functionality (menu scrolling, etc.) I say this in post script because, all this, I knew going into what the iPhone limitations were.

I am very intersted in your comments and reactions to this. For better or for worse, I took the fork in the road towards the iPhone, in part because of you (no pressure here!

Windows Mobile vs iPhone

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One of the callers to the 888-PIRILLO line has just received a new htc Touch. He did have an iPhone… and prefers the Touch. I, of course, disagree with him. Let’s compare!

I’ll give you this… on features, the htc Touch rocks. It really does. Beyond that, you’re still dealing with Windows Mobile. I fell out of love with Windows Mobile after using the iPhone. So I had to ask.. why does the caller feel that the htc Touch is so much better? He replied that he can add a lot of programs to it, such as Skype and other VoiP clients. He can SSH into his server. If all you’re about is features… you’re right. The htc Touch is better. Windows Mobile is better as far as features go.

However, the iPhone SDK is coming. They will eventually be able to do everything that a Windows Mobile device can do. The SDK will also enable Flash… can Windows Mobile do that? The callers wants his features now, not when Apple has the SDK ready. That’s fine, and I can understand that. For me, it goes beyond the features, and into the implementation.


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