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The Ultimate Wine Geek Book / Dinner in Seattle

Gary Vaynerchuk from http://twitter.com/garyvee has extended an offer to you through me – so listen up if you love wines (and/or Gary himself). If you buy two of his new book on Amazon, and then send your receipt to [email protected] he’ll be doing a drawing and pick 2 people to have dinner with us in Seattle this December. He’s even offering to fly you out to join us!!!

His book? Gary Vaynerchuk’s 101 Wines: Guaranteed to Inspire, Delight, and Bring Thunder to Your World:

Deeming himself “the wine guy for the average Joe,” Vaynerchuk avoids the pomposity of traditional educators. Unlike wine guides that lack animation and lecture rather than inspire, 101 Wines shows you how to develop the necessary go-drink-wine attitude. Vaynerchuk encourages you to trust your own palate—stressing that your love of a certain wine makes it good regardless of what the experts or the price on the bottle say.

The guy is insane. Pure insane (in a white wine sauce).

Vaynerchuk’s recommendations span a wide range of prices, nations, grapes, and styles—allowing everyone from novices to connoisseurs to expand their wine horizons. Unlock the secret to why Vaynerchuk labels wines “From Ruins to Riches,” “Red with Fish,” and “Not Your Father’s Spumante.” Discover wines that taste like ones 10 times their price. Read as Vaynerchuk illuminates his top choices with vivid terminology such as “Bring the Thunder” and “Riding the Rainbow.” Demystify conventions that once limited your wine-tasting desires. Journey through wine styles and break down barriers with his technical notes and stories behind the vintage. Smile as you realize you too can become a wine aficionado.

Gary is the ultimate wine geek, my friends. 🙂