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Do You Consider This Tool to be a Musical Instrument?

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You can create your own new beats. There is a sound bank online that allows you to download their application. You can then use it to easily create your own cool new tunes like I did. Weepr is available for download right now.

Weepr is an italian project that allow you to create a Beat. Weepr is a flash drum machine / step sequencer free to download in AIR Version, so cross operating system! In the next release you’ll be able to make the weepr widget to share your beat trought internet. There is also a support website (in italian now) where you can find a video demo.

Weepr works with Adobe Air. If you remember the Tenori-On, you know that I’m no musician. But I love music, and I love to create things. Certainly, Weepr fits inline with something just as creative, and more affordable of course. The interface is very similar to Tenori-On, and it’s free. It works quite well, too!

The concept is simple. You have five different layers. On each layer, you have a different musical instrument, such as drums. You can change the tempo, pause or even erase your compositions. It doesn’t have a lot of features, but then again it is free. It’s still fun to play with, and will become your next big time-waster!


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