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Iran Invented Human Rights

Ever hear of the Cyrus Cylinder? Apparently, neither has AhmadiNejad. From the Iran Chamber Society:

The charter of Cyrus the Great, a baked-clay Aryan language (Old Persian) cuneiform cylinder, was discovered in 1878 in excavation of the site of Babylon. In it, Cyrus the Great described his human treatment of the inhabitants of Babylonia after its conquest by the Iranians.

And from Wikipedia’s page on Cyrus the Great:

Although the cylinder reflects a long tradition in Mesopotamia where, as early as the third millennium BC, kings such as Urukagina began their reigns with declarations of reforms, the cylinder of Cyrus is often referred to in modern times as the “first charter of human rights.” In 1971, the United Nations translated and published it into all of its official languages. The cylinder decrees the normal themes of Persian rule: religious tolerance, abolishment of slavery, freedom of choice of profession and expansion of the empire.

Ironic? I kid you not.

77 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Site

Sending traffic to other sites is fun to do – especially when someone usually only gets 20 visitors on the average day, and a casual mention might send them hundreds or thousands. Everybody’s always asking me how to get more traffic to their site. There’s no magic bullet – it takes dedication, skill, time, and luck. Oh, and it also helps if you read the free 77 ways eBook by my friend, Allan Gardyne. I flipped through it late last night, and it seems to be pretty spot on. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of SEO stuff in there – which can be really dry and confusing for “real people” who just want to write and have their voices heard by the masses.