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You Know I Love You, Jason

The Calacanis Circus

Jason Calacanis spent billions of dollars on socially engineering a social bookmarking experiment, only to discover that his paid socialites were bookmarking a single page on Gizmodo.com over and over again.

The failure of this project really took its toll on Calacanis. Jason started showing up for work in full ringleader regalia, and AOL executives started to become a bit concerned. When paying for links didn’t work, he started paying people NOT to link – and that effort, too, failed miserably.

It was then that Calacanis turned his attention to the anti-social demographic. Enlisting help from the Asociation of Shy Superbloggers – or ASS for short – Weblogs Inc. was able to launch The Stalker Blog, The Serial Killer Blog, and Whoretexx (a blog for psychotic hookers).

Source: The Jason Calacanis Weblog
Domain: Calacantis.com

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Derek Scruggs on The Enthusiast Group

Derek Scruggs is one of those people with a hand in many projects. You might recognize his name from his personal blog, Ask Derek Scruggs, or from marketing firm Escalan, or maybe you’ve used ClickThruStats to keep track of link popularity. At SXSW 2006, Chris caught up with Derek to talk to him about his latest endeavor, The Enthusiast Group, a project that might be described as the Weblogs, Inc of the XGames crowd, although it hasn’t officially launched yet so this is something of a scoop.