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Wind Flea

Skitter along the wall
as if you were a casual flea.
Balance yourself
before you choose to balance others.
It’s just another day.

You’re just another pest,
poised to nibble at my time.
Let’s talk of riddles, instead.
Finish the stanza later.

You’ve done it again.
Over and out.

Wind Flea

And here’s a Fractal movie generated from the same software:

How to Create Your Own Wallpapers with Oxidizer

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I normally get my wallpapers from a variety of different web sites. That’s about to change right now, though. The wallpaper you’re seeing on my desktop right now… I made myself! It was made in about 10 minutes, using Oxidizer. Oxidizer is an open-source application for Mac OS X which allows you to generate your own wallpaper.

Fractal flames take many shapes, here’s some crude examples made almost literally at random by Oxidizer. Only the colour scheme and the positioning have been altered. Here are some of the features you will see in this release:

  • Increased Leopard Compatibility.
  • Oxidizer now starts in the centre of the screen.
  • Fixed Crashes related to colour selection from the Color Well palettes.
  • Fixed an issue where Genomes generated in the Breeder or GenePool that used Final XForm could render differently in the main editor.
  • Fixed a Core Data issue where the first genome loaded into the editor would not get a preview render.
  • Copies of each genome rendered is now saved in ~/Library/Application Support/Oxidizer rather than log

You can find all of my new daily wallpapers (along with the poems to go with them) in my blog.


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Egg Drop Wallpaper

Yum yum!
Here it comes!
It’s the Egg Drop Soup!

The chef prepared it
in his kitchen
around the jealous spices
which found their way into foreign broth.

This could’ve been a chicken, too.
If only it was fertilized
instead of just dropped.
I would have eaten that, anyway
with a few bamboo chutes.

Oh no.
He put corn in it.

Egg Drop Soup

Yule Log: Fire Video Screen Saver for your Desktop or iPod

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There’s nothing like a crackling fire to warm you inside and out during the holiday season. And now… you can even have that “fire” on your desktop.

At iYule.tv, you can purchase 30-minutes of crackling fire and a beautiful original score by Geoff Smith formated for wide or standard screen portable players, your computer or Apple TV. This was filmed in high definition, and can come with or without music.

This is a collaborative effort between Geoff, Paul Cullgian, and Cali and Neal. The cost for the Yule Log is anywhere from $5.00 to $10.00, depending on what you need. Why should you pay for this? Well, a portion of the proceeds is going to charity. ‘Tis the Season for giving, after all. In Cali’s own words:

This is something we’ve worked on nights and weekends for almost a month and we hope it’s something that will warm your heart and bring smiles to the faces of friends you share it with.

If you’re giving someone an iPod that plays video this year, load it up with the iYule Log.

If you’re taking that special someone in your life out for a nice holiday dinner, load iYule Log on your iPod and put it on the table for a touch of whimsical romance.

Proceeds will be split by the producers and a percentage will go to three of our favorite charities. Geoff chose the Songs of Love Foundation, a charity that provides personalized songs for chronically and terminally ill children and young adults. Paul has chosen LitLiberation, the largest online literacy experiment in history. Neal and I have chosen Heifer International, a non-profit that helps families in poverty by giving them valuable live animals to provide eggs, milk and farming help.

The video we’ve produced is a cozy multi-sensory experience that pulls me into the romantic essence of a fireplace, every time I turn it on to watch.

You can also get the cool Christmas clock wallpaper you see on my other desktop, for free!

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Christmas Wallpaper

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Ahhhh… the holiday season is upon us, whether you’re ready for it or not! We spend a lot of time, money and effort decorating our homes. Regardless of which holiday you may celebrate… I want to know how you deck your desktop!

I get almost all of my desktop wallpaper from Flickr. Flickr is just amazing. There are now over 2 billion images there from people all over the world. Some of these images come from professionals, and many of them come from everyday users like you and me!

If you want to find some great holiday wallpaper, it’s easy with Flickr. Simply do a keyword search for your favorite holiday term(s). You’ll get literally hundreds of matches to choose from. Flickr pictures make excellent quality wallpaper, as well.

If you’d like to send your holiday photos to my digital photo frame, you can upload them to Flickr, and tag them with chrisframe. I am subscribed to an RSS Feed that will automatically download them to my frame.

What do you do to decorate your home, and deck your desktop? Let’s hear from all of you out there!

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Changing Your Desktop Wallpaper is Easy!

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Chances are, you have a picture on your monitor screen behind your icons. This is called your desktop, and the picture is your wallpaper. It’s exceedingly easy to change this picture, and I’m going to show you how.

Let’s say you’re surfing the Internet, and come across a picture that is funny or beautiful. You’d love to look at this picture all the time! Well, you can! Simply right click the picture in Windows, and choose “Set as Background”. Voila. That picture is now on your desktop. In Safari for OS X, right click the picture and choose “Use image as desktop picture”.

Oh, wait. You say you don’t have a right mouse button on your Mac? You don’t need one. Simply hold down the Ctrl key and click your mouse button. This does the same thing as a right click on a standard Windows mouse.

Some people may want to choose to use a picture already on their computer, and switch to it as their background. On Windows, you can right click on your desktop, choose Properties, and then click on the “Desktop” tab. You can now browse to any picture on your computer, and set it as your background. On a Mac, go to your System Preferences, and click on the Desktop and Screensaver button. From there, choose “Desktop”. You can now browse any of the pre-installed pictures from Apple to use, or browse to your own picture to set as the background.

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How to Make a Cool Windows Vista Screensaver

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DreamScene on Vista allows you to run a video as a wallpaper. Unfortunately, I can’t use it. Vista claims my monitors are too big. That’s ok, I’m not giving them up. I did, however, discover a very cool trick awhile back to run a screen saver behind my active windows.

First you’ll need to open a command prompt. To do this:

  • Click on Start, then Run
  • Type cmd and click the Enter key on your keyboard.

Once the command window is open, you’ll need to type in the name of the screensaver you want, followed by p65552. For example, if you want the Ribbons screensaver running behind your windows, you would type the following in the Command window:

ribbons.scr /p65552

Be sure to note the space between .scr and the /p65552.

Voila! Isn’t this cool? You can now see the ribbons running behind all of my active windows, instead of just a blank desktop.

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Vista Wallpaper Tip

Okay, since Windows Vista supports JPG wallpapers, you should no longer set your wallpaper through Internet Explorer (which converts images to BMP before they’re set to your desktop, totally nullifying any kind of improvement the Vista shell team did in respect to saving system resources). Here’s how I’d suggest doing it from this point forward.

  1. When you find a suitable wallpaper image on the Web through Internet Explorer, don’t right-click and “Set as background” like you’ve done in the past.
  2. Instead, right-click your desktop and “Personalize” – then select “Desktop Background” from the list of options in that panel.
  3. Drag and drop the image you like in IE into the scrolling frame of the Desktop Background panel. It’ll automatically copy the image from your browser to your computer.
  4. Consider browsing to a different folder on your machine before dragging and dropping images from IE to the Desktop Background applet.
  5. From there, you can set the image as your wallpaper at will. It should remain in the JPG format, which is what you want.

No word on how Firefox converts images to wallpapers (my guess is that it converts JPGs to BMPs before they’re set – if only for compatibility reasons). Asa?