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How Do You Watch Videos With Friends?

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Some of you have been aware of the YouTube feature called ‘Streaming’. It’s where you can create a room, a play list of videos, and gather your friends together for a live interactive experience. That’s nice if all the videos you want to see are on YouTube. But what do you do when they aren’t? That’s when you go over to View2Gether.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch a video from YouTube, MySpaceTV, or other online videos at the same time with friends who are watching on their computers? We thought so too, and that’s how View2gether was born.

View2gether lets you watch videos in synchronized viewing with your friends, participate in real-time chat and search for videos that you can add to the list that everyone in the lounge sees, plus more.

Sure there’s webcam streaming, but View2gether is the only site on the web that lets you take content that you didn’t publish and watch it in synchronized view. When you enter an established lounge, the broadcast is already underway. Depending on your connection speed, and it usually takes only a few seconds, you’ll be synchronized with the rest of the lounge and everyone is seeing exactly the same thing at the same time.

Why not get some friends together and sign up for a free account? You can all get together in one place and easily watch all the videos you want. Add some pictures to your profile, create your own private watch lounge, and meet new people who have the same taste in videos as you.


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