Community Challenge: Put Words in my Mouth

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It’s community challenge time again! Here’s your chance to put words in my mouth. Download the raw video, open it in your favorite video editor, remix the sucker, then re-upload your video as a response to this video so we can all see the fruits of your labor. Create your own narration cards, create your own product demonstration in the middle, whatever. It’s your chance to play with me! Don’t have me unpaper the same envelope… BE CREATIVE.

What invention have you been waiting for all of your life? Which technology breakthrough (real or imagined) are you going to report on? Put on your thinking cap and fire up the tools you already have. If you can’t edit a MOV video file, you might care to convert it with your favorite video conversion tool – although, I’d be surprised if you creative types had any problems with this.

In order to create this video, I used the Silent Film Director app on my iPhone. The app is fun and simple to use. Slow down or accelerate your video speed to add dramatic atmosphere or make your creation even more hilarious. Choose from three built-in soundtracks, upload music from your iPod or from your computer to add sound to your video. Share what you’ve done instantly with your friends using the app’s built-in share features. You can even choose between six different video styles:

  • 20’s movie
  • 60’s home video (for the Hippie style videos)
  • 70’s home video
  • Black and White
  • Sepia
  • Vintage Sepia

The only limits to your creativity using Silent Film Director is your own imagination. The same holds true for your remix in this Community Challenge! You have the tools at hand – is your imagination and creativity up to the task? Do you dare?


YouTube Video Limits

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Someone asked recently what my thoughts are concerning the new limits that YouTube has placed upon content producers. They raised the length of video allowed to fifteen minutes for many of you. The problem is, though, that many of us don’t watch anything more than ONE minute.

Do you watch fifteen minute videos? Does anyone you know sit through clips that long on YouTube? I can understand the need to occasionally upload something longer than ten minutes – I’ve done so myself a few times. But realistically, I know that it’s very rare to have someone sit through the entire thing.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel that YouTube did a good thing when they raised their upload limits?

readySTEADY Portable Video Camera Stabilizer System Review

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Everyone seems to have some type of pocket video camera these days. The issue is that most of these cameras don’t have any type of optical image stabilization. Thankfully, there are products available to help, such as the readySTEADY stabilizing system.

readySTEADY fits right into your pocket and actually works very well to stabilize your camera. It is durable, made of sturdy aluminum, not plastic. Most importantly, it puts an end to the impossible task of trying to hold your pocket video camera steady for more than 10 seconds.

Do your viewers a favor: use a readySTEADY to shoot your next video. They will thank you for it.

Want to embed this video on your own site, blog, or forum? Use this code or download the video:

Upload and Distribute Videos with TubeMogul

I have been using TubeMogul for quite a while now to upload and distribute the videos I create. My assistant has been having issues with the service off and on for several months now. The issue wasn’t able to be replicated the first time we spoke with engineers at the company, so it was basically brushed aside. Kat continued trying to use the service on a daily basis. Sometimes it worked – and sometimes it didn’t. Yesterday, out of sheer frustration, I sent a tweet stating that I could no longer recommend the service to others. Within minutes, I received messages from a lady in customer care named Shirley and another from the CEO of the company, Brett. They wanted to know what was wrong, and how they could help.

I admit that both Kat and I were skeptical at first. We did this entire drill several months ago. We had established it wasn’t her computer or mine causing the problems. It happened on every machine we tried, in every place we tried… using various browsers and ISPs. Something was wrong in our account itself or with the site. However, the engineer we worked with last time could not replicate the issue. Therefore, the issue must not exist!

Shirley quickly opened a ticket within the system and had Kat explain exactly what was going on. After looking through it all, she set up a Skype conference call for today between herself, Kat and one of their top engineers. Brett also reached out to Kat via email, making sure we knew that their team would do everything in their power to correct the problems we have been having.

Today’s Skype call comes and they had Kat enable screen sharing so they could see the problem as it occurred with their own eyes. Instead of repeatedly trying to explain something strange, they were able to see it for themselves. (Kudos to Skype, btw, for including the screen-sharing feature!) As soon as Kat began trying to upload a video, it failed. It was immediately apparent that there is an issue somewhere with their Flash uploader. They worked together to correct it, but are going to have to dive deeper. However… they DID find a workable solution so that we can use the site once again on a regular basis!! That is very good news, indeed.

Shirley and Narayan (the engineer on the call) took things several steps further. They noticed we were having issues pushing videos to MySpace. Yes, some people DO still use that site! They took the time to help diagnose the problem and fix it. They also enabled a few features on our account that hadn’t been before, but which will be very helpful as we continue to use the site.

I have to say… this is pretty damn awesome y’all. The level of courtesy, professionalism and customer service we received today was second-to-none. All in all, the team at TubeMogul worked with us for more than four hours to make SURE everything worked well and that we were happy. Yes, there is still an issue with the Flash uploader. That is being worked on, and they have promised us an update in the near future. We still are able to upload via other means, so it’s not a rush on our end.

Have you used the TubeMogul service before? It sure makes things a LOT easier when you need to seed content to more than one site. Take a look at all of the places that our videos end up simply because we upload there:

That’s not even a list of every place you can add your content to through the TubeMogul service! There are a handful of other sites which accept videos, and may be appropriate for the type of content you create – such as automobile sites!

Yes, we had issues with the service. Yes, one of those issues is still being worked on. I have to say, though, that I am beyond satisfied with the work they are doing over at TubeMogul overall, and VERY pleased with the service we received today. Thank you to Brett, Shirley, Narayan and the rest of the team.