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Could the iPad Outsell the iPhone?

Do we really even care which is a bigger seller? I noticed a discussion about this online earlier, and couldn’t help but shake my head. Seriously, people. They are two completely different products. Why does it matter which type sells more? The point is that there is a market out there for the iPhone, just as there is one for the iPad. Some people seem to be so obsessed with “numbers” and what’s “hot” on the market that they fail to look beyond that to the actual products themselves.

Too often, people rush to get in line to buy something new that all the World seems to want, only to never use the device because it doesn’t work for them. I honestly hate seeing that. As a gadget lover, I cannot stomach it when I see someone buying all of these cool toys, never to touch them again. They simply do it to keep one step ahead of everyone else. Gadgets are meant to be USED, folks!

Which is more important to you? Are you a fan of buying the hottest ticket in town, or do you research carefully before you buy something to make sure it will fit your needs?

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G4 is a Big, Fat Loser

Per the article posted today in TG Daily, Xfire gaming network to be acquired by Viacom, rolled into MTV Networks, comes a biting statement about the G4 network:

Viacom’s competitor in the cable arena, Comcast, is the owner of the newly semi-redubbed G4TV network, which was originally devoted 100% to video games, but has recently branched out to, shall we say, unique forms of “interactive television,” including repackaged reruns of the original Star Trek series with added graphics that interact with…themselves. Ratings numbers give G4TV the unlucky distinction of being the least viewed basic cable network in America – less than evangelistic channels, less than third-rate shopping channels.

Holy sh*t… dead last? I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry, quite honestly. I loved being at TechTV, and I believe there’s still a place for technology on the television screen. This news is really too bad, as it’s likely to discourage any other network to pick up the ball and run with it. Talented geeks are hard to come by – and even when they can be found, you have to be willing to pay for their services.