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World's Smallest Windows XP PC

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In this video, usmart Sun Power Technology Limited is showing what they say is the world’s smallest x86 computer. It comes with a 4.8″ screen, an Intel Atom 1.60ghz processor, 512mb RAM, a USB port, Wi-Fi capability, a MicroSD slot, and a removable battery that lasts through 2 hours of Windows XP usage. It should cost below $500 when it becomes available.

When Charbax touched the device seemed to run very hot, and was actually shaking due to the small internal fans. It should be noted that this was a hand-made prototype, so of course all of the bugs are not worked out yet. However, one would hope that things like this are addressed sooner rather than later! In my mind, this device was dangerous to have on display. What if someone would have gotten hurt? I understand trying to get a prototype ready for a big show, but you have to have something that is safe at the very least!

If this little device comes to fruition, is it something you would buy for yourself? What would it take inside of a tiny device that travels well but still has enough oomph to do what you need? If you were to design something like this yourself, what would you put under the hood?

This video was filmed by Charbax during the CeBIT 2010 consumer electronics show in Hannover, Germany.

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