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How to Turn Your TV Into a Media Center

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You have content scattered all over your network, I’m sure. The problem is when you want to watch your media on your HDTV. That’s where the FreeAgent Theater + from Seagate comes in handy! It allows you to not only access files from across your network, it also accepts input devices, such as memory cards. It has a variety of inputs, including full 1080p video and Dolby audio! It’s also compatible with the FreeAgent Go portable hard drive. I have to thank Seagate for sending me these products to review. It’s been fun to navigate my way through all of my content.

It’s a good system, and it works. However, it’s not all that easy to use. There are a ton of options. However, the user interface is kind of sluggish at times, and confusing for some people. This can be used with either a Mac or a Windows computer, which is something that I love.

Use the included sync software to copy all of your media to the FreeAgent Go drive. Or, just drag-and-drop your files directly onto the drive. Then, dock the drive into the FreeAgent Theater + HD media player. When connected to your television, it puts your entire media library at your fingertips!

Video quality is excellent. It has HDMI and allows resolutions up to 1080p. h264 video playback is smooth, as well. It supports multiple audio tracks, so you can encode the commentary into the same file as the main audio. It’s also quite responsive, quickly moving into play, fast-forward and other modes.

Get your media onto your tv with a great deal of ease. At only about $120.00, this is definitely an excellent option!

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Boxee Box Review

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Traci Toguchi covered the 2010 CES for us last week in Las Vegas. She was able to spend a few moments talking to Andrew about the new Boxee Box! The Boxee Box brings all your favorite TV shows & movies from the Internet or your hard drive onto your TV, without needing a computer. Why pay money for shows you won’t watch? Simply use the Boxee Box to watch what you want – on your own schedule!

Boxee is software that is the best way to enjoy all the entertainment you have on the web, or on your home network. This includes your tv shows and movies from Netflix, photos from Flickr, and even music from Pandora!

It won’t be available until second quarter this year, and will retail for about $199.99. When you think of all the money you’re wasting for television programming you don’t watch, that 200 bucks isn’t a bad deal at all!

Make sure you sign up on the website in order to keep up with the developments, and be ready to buy your Boxee Box when they become available!

Thanks, Traci, for all of your hard work during CES!

Thanks to Creative for sending the Vado 3 along for Traci to use during the show!

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Will TV Ever Die? No!

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I never thought I’d see the day when a USB device worked on both OS X and Windows to allow me to record video signals, including digital cable video signals! I can also schedule recordings, even remotely from my iPhone! There’s also the ability to chat with others, and see what other people are watching.

I’m talking about the TubeStick. With TubeStick you can stream live TV directly from your computer to your iPhone and remotely schedule recordings, ready to watch them later on your computer – or even on the go. The TubeStick works out of the box. Everything you need is there: a TV receiver, the matching white mini-antenna, an adaptor for external antennas and a USB extension cable.

Do you know what the best thing is about the TubeStick? You can win this one in my hand for yourself!! Simply log into Twitter, and tweet the following link: http://go.tagjag.com/tubestick. Add anything else you’d like to the tweet, as long as that link is in there. One of you will be a winner!

I’d be interested in seeing what shows all of you watch, so I’m looking forward to seeing you get signed up. It’ll be fun to see if I’m watching the hottest shows out there, or the lamest!

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What’s Your Favorite Commercial?

With all the talk of the new Miscrosoft commercials in Europe and the Pre wanting to co-exist with the iPhone, I can’t help but thinking about commercials in general. What’s your favorite technology-related commercial on television? You do remember what TV is, right? Do you love that annoying (yet catchy) Comcast song? Or are you more inclined to watch the Dell laptop commercials over and over? Let’s hear your thoughts!

Gnomedex Green Screen Challenge: Your Commercial Could be on TV!

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This week, I’m taking the Green Screen Challenge a step or two further than usual! Normally, I make a blog post, showcasing a few of my favorite entries. This time around, you can actually win a couple of very cool things!

The challenge: Create a Gnomedex commercial! My annual Gnomedex conference is only five weeks away, and it’s shaping up to be the best one yet! To help spread the excitement, I want you to come up with your very own Gnomedex commercial. Be as creative and innovative as you can – but please keep Creative Commons licensing in mind. We don’t want any legal troubles.

So what will you potentially win? I’m so glad you asked! Next week, I will choose one winner from all of the entries submitted via video response. That person will win two very cool “prizes”…

  • Have your commercial featured on television! Yes, that’s right – on television. The winning entry will be featured on the Seattle-area Comcast network!! Your name will of course be prominent, giving credit (and maybe fame?!) where credit is due.
  • Win a full-access pass to the Gnomedex conference! If you are over 18 and can pay your own travel/hotel/expenses, you can find yourself right in the middle of things during Gnomedex. It’s an amazing conference, and attending can literally change your life by giving you new perspectives and ways of thinking outside the proverbial box. Of course, if you cannot attend, you can do as you wish with the ticket – sell it to someone else, or give it away to someone who might not otherwise be able to attend.

If you aren’t sure yet how to work with these videos, make sure you check out the tutorial I wrote awhile back.

I’m very excited to see what everyone is going to come up with. Based on past entries for our weekly challenge, I know that the level of creativity out there in our community is astounding. Have fun with this – and good luck to everyone!

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How to Broadcast a Wireless Audio / Video Signal from PC to TV

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Let’s say you have an HDTV, a computer and Internet access. Why not put all of those things together by experiencing computer content on your computer? How would you get content from the computer to the television? You know you don’t want to run a cable from one to the other, right? So what else can you do? Lucky for you, the latest product from IOGear is here to save the day!

The Wireless USB Audio and Video Kit allows you to connect your computer to your TV wirelessly without the long and unattractive cable run. The system has strong, reliable signals – ideal for streaming media content across a room… even up to 30 feet away. There’s not even any complicated setup process.

The kit consists of three adapters: audio for speaker connectivity, VGA for the TV and Wireless USB for the hosting PC. Once you’re hooked up, you can do everything from watch your favorite YouTube videos to editing a spreadsheet for work – right on your flat-screen TV!

Broadcast whatever is on your computer onto your television. Make your family happy. Instead of gathering around your monitor, you can relax in front of the TV.

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Would I Go Back to Television?

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During live calls a bit back, I received one from someone who couldn’t believe they were actually talking to me. His main question was wondering if I’d ever go back to television.

In short – yes! I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I loved the atmosphere and pace of television. And, of course, I can reach a much wider audience!

Apparently, I looked quite nerdy back then. Even though I’ve aged well, I admit to still being nerdy. I wasn’t sure what more to say to this caller, as he seemed to be a bit uhm… under the weather. He was really happy he was able to get through on the live phone, so at least we apparently made his day.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the next time we’re doing live calls. You can call in to discuss anything tech related, or even talk about current events!

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What’s the Best HDTV to Buy?

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Stealing it is not the way to get an HDTV. If you don’t know where to start, we have some tips sent in by DellMan94 to help you know what to look for when buying a new HDTV. HD is here to stay, that’s for sure. I know you cannot go back once you’ve used an HDTV.

  • See it for yourself. If you have the opportunity to walk into a showroom and watch the television in action – and play with the remote – take it! The more you research by actually experiencing one, the better off you’ll be.
  • Buy for your needs. In other words, buy the TV that is most suited for how and where you’ll be using it. Keep in mind, if you’ll be in an environment with controlled lighting, you can get whatever you want. If you’ll have low lighting, be aware of the type of screen on the TV you purchase.
  • Don’t forget about the sound! Check out the speakers, and see how it sounds. You may even want to consider buying external speakers.
  • Use the best connections. Use quality cable – even Fiberoptic if possible! Don’t skimp on the cables. The better quality you buy, the better your viewing experience will be.
  • NEVER take advice from a salesperson. Don’t listen to what they tell you. They are trying to make a sale, even if it doesn’t match your needs. Do your research first. Know what you want, and what you can spend.

Remember that you can always head over to Geeks to do some research by getting the opinions of others. Also, before buying online always check out what coupons we have available.

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How to Watch Live TV on Your iPhone: Slingbox

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One of the pieces of hardware that I love the most is my Slingbox. A Slingbox lets you watch and control your television through the Internet. I was using the Slingplayer on my Windows Mobile device, but now I’m using the iPhone. There wasn’t anything available for the iPhone, until now!

It’s still in Beta, and hasn’t been released outside of the company yet. However – it’s working!! Soon we’ll be able to use this on our iPhone, folks! Mark demonstrated how it works, and how well it works for me during Macworld.

They feel that they have introduced some sexy controls for the iPhone. When changing channels, there is about a four second buffer, which isn’t bad at all. They have instituted a “favorites” area, which allows you to quickly change channels to whatever it is you love to watch the most. You also don’t have to minimize the video space in order to access your controls, which is great!

Right now, it only works in landscape mode, but that makes sense. They plan to incorporate video-changing mode in the future. They are shooting for release yet this quarter, before the end of March. It will, of course, be available in the App Store, for around the $30.00 price range! Stay tuned, and be ready to finally control your TV through your iPhone!

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