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Mount Your iPhone to a Tripod with the Xshot Tripod Case

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I’m always on the lookout for an excellent iPhone 4 case. When Xshot contacted me to see if I’d be interested in trying out their new tripod adapter case – I may have gotten a bit over-excited by the prospect. I usually have to clip my phone to a tripod in order to record videos. Now, though, I can slide the little mounting mechanism into place and voila! No muss – no fuss.

The XShot iPhone 4 Case with Detachable Universal Tripod Adapter and Flex Mini Tripod is just fantastic. The case is two pieces, and is well constructed to help protect your phone. The little piece that locks onto the case to turn it into a tripod mount is small enough to not cause too much hassle… but I can’t imagine you’d want to keep it connected at all times. Who knows, though – perhaps you will! The case itself can stay in place while you are charging (or docking!) your phone.

The universal tripod adapter that can be used in both landscape and portrait modes on any tripod, XShot camera extender, or monopod to take great pictures, videos, and self-portraits. This setup is perfect for use with FaceTime and dual cameras. It’s excellent for camera stabilization – especially when taking photos and creating HD video.

The case comes with a bonus mini flex tripod. While not very big, it’s perfect for sitting on your desk as you create the next great review for YouTube.

readySTEADY Portable Video Camera Stabilizer System Review

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Everyone seems to have some type of pocket video camera these days. The issue is that most of these cameras don’t have any type of optical image stabilization. Thankfully, there are products available to help, such as the readySTEADY stabilizing system.

readySTEADY fits right into your pocket and actually works very well to stabilize your camera. It is durable, made of sturdy aluminum, not plastic. Most importantly, it puts an end to the impossible task of trying to hold your pocket video camera steady for more than 10 seconds.

Do your viewers a favor: use a readySTEADY to shoot your next video. They will thank you for it.

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Is This the Tripod for Your Gadgets?

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There are times you need a tripod. However, if your device doesn’t have a tripod mount (say, a small gadget – like a phone), you might think about clipping ‘er into a Versihold. Yes, it’s quite versatile. Or, should I say: versitile? WARNING: not designed to grip babies or kittens.

The Versihold Personal Media Stand works perfectly for things such as the iPhone or iPod, a Blackberry or even a Zune. The Versihold is easy to use, and allows adjustment of your device to the perfect viewing preference.

The stand has a very wide grip, to accommodate your device, no matter the size. You can use these to play games or watch videos during a flight, or while riding on the bus. Imei even used it in her dance studio while she was working. She turned her Ustream account on, and used the stand to hold her phone while broadcasting her session.

Imei feels this stand is the perfect solution, and has an unlimited number of uses. It’s seriously versatile, and very inexpensive.

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What do You Treasure Most in Life?

I love how during my travels through our sites every day, I come across something that really makes me stop and think. Today’s post is found on Geeks, and it’s called What do You Treasure Most in Life. Not only did I have to stop and take time to think this through for myself, but I also am curious to see your answers. Reading through the thread, it’s heartening to see that many people place their family/kids/friends at the top of their lists. Too often, we let the material get in the way – or at least our quest for what’s tangible. Kat summed it up beautifully, reminding us:

Even with the economy in the toilet – we have much to be grateful for in life, and much to treasure. Don’t let a minute of life pass you by without remembering things like this.

We are seeing news articles daily about people taking their lives over losing their jobs, or falling far behind in their bills. Heck, we’re even reading about people who are taking the lives of others – including their own children. We hear of the layoffs, and many of you have been affected by them yourself. But when you take a moment to stop and really think – you are still blessed. You have family and friends who love you. You have your health (hopefully!) and mental well-being. You have your brain, and the ability to think, do and create. You have your freedom (in most countries). You have YOU.

While you’re thinking about your answer to the topic question, why not take a read through some of the other interesting things found today on Geeks and Lockergnome?

Why Carry a Desktop Camera Tripod?

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I tend to have trouble using a camera when having to set it on my desk. What I need is something flexible – a desktop tripod! It would make the nightmares of getting the right angle go away. The Sunpack Mini-Spider Tripod will only cost you $2.00, so why wouldn’t you want one?

The tripod will hold both 35mm and digital cameras – compact ones, that is. It’s only 5″ long, and weighs a mere 2 ounces… making it a perfect travel companion no matter how light you have to pack. The tripod has three completely adjustable legs, each separate from the other. This makes it easy for you to adjust the tripod any-which-way to get your perfect shot!

This is a great thing to just throw in your camera bag or purse, especially if your camera cannot stand on its own like mine. You can find these in local stores for up to $20.00 – so be sure to get yours online for a fraction of the cost.

The Sunpack Mini-Spider Tripod is not a full-on tripod, but it does get the job done!

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What’s The World’s Most Flexible Camera Tripod?

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What am I supposed to do when I need my tripod to be flexible, or to shorten it? Most of them are not flexible in any way. However, the Gorillapod will allow me to wrap it around something if I need to!!

The Gorillapod firmly secures your camera to just about anything — anywhere and everywhere! Unlike traditional tripods, Gorillapods do not require a level or elevated surface for you to take the perfect shot. Each Gorillapod is made up of 30 or more fully articulating ball-and-socket joints. You can bend and twist them into any shape, and they’ll always keep your camera steady! Soft rings and rubberized feet prevent your Gorillapod from slipping in even the toughest environments.

Not only is this thing cool looking, it really works well. I can bend the legs any way I might need to. It will still hold the camera steady. What’s so unique about the Gorillapod is that the legs are completely flexible. They are made of a series of spheres that are tightly interconnected. No matter how many times you rearrange them, they’re still going to be solid and not break. You can make this tripod go into the oddest shapes, and fit into the oddest spaces.

Try doing any of these things with a regular tripod – you can’t! You can have a regular tripod, AND this one. Who says you can’t have more than one? So, if you’re looking for a second tripod (or even a first!), or maybe a travel one – this is definitely for you. It works well, it’s compact, and it’s completely flexible. You can even mount the Gorillapod to your dog’s back and have a doggy cam!

Don’t worry – Wicket got a nice doggy treat at the end of this video.

You can purchase the GorillaPod at ThinkGeek.com and don’t forget to use these ThinkGeek coupons:


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Are All Camera Tripods Built Alike?

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You’d think that all tripods are the same. They all have three legs, right? But saying that is tantamount to saying that all cars are the same, because they have four wheels. A few weeks ago, I broke yet another tripod. I’ve owned several, and they just never last. So now that I had no more tripod, I asked some friends what they recommended. One good friend, Usrbingeek, recommended the Manfrotto Pro 055XPROB.

The 055XPROB makes the Manfrotto-patented horizontal center column feature even easier to use. By extending the column to its highest vertical position, it can be swung round to horizontal without removing the head or disassembling the column itself, so switching between framing and positioning setups is more convenient than ever. The ergonomics of the leg angle release mechanism and the quick action leg locks themselves have also been greatly improved. 804RC2 Pan Tilt Head With Quick Lock The 804RC2 is a 3-way photo head constructed of an ultra-durable and lightweight technical polymer that easily withstands the daily rigors of the professional photographer. A unique spring feature has been added to the 804RC2 to assist in the tilt motion of the head to compensate for heavier, off-center loads. The ergonomically designed handles fit comfortably in the hands, while the standard quick release plate fits snugly in the low-profile receiver.

I was impressed as soon as I took it out of the box. It’s extremely sturdy. Of course, there are plastic parts to it, but not where it matters most. This particular series has been recommended to me by several photographers. When they saw the box for this sitting on my desktop, they were all impressed. I didn’t realize I would need an adapter, but that’s ok. I’ll get one, and it’s easy to get.

I spent about $150 on this. Before you freak out… keep in mind I’ve spent far more than that in total on ones that subsequently broke. To me, it’s worth it to spend more for a product, in order to know that I’m getting a quality piece of merchandise. My chair, for example, was expensive. However, instead of buying a cheap one that wouldn’t last and wouldn’t be comfortable, I chose to just buy ONE chair. It hasn’t let me down yet. So, I went with my gut and bought the more expensive tripod, as well.

The nice thing about this tripod, is that once I mount the camera, it can turn the camera essentially 90 degrees. The stand itself is capable of holding up to 15 pounds, which is nice.

Don’t buy this without checking with me first. Just like with any product, I can probably save you some money with a coupon.


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