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Christmas Safety

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I love this time of year: the music, the weather, the sights, sounds, and good shopping deals! I also find people tend to be in better moods, as well. However, there are extra hazards during the holiday season that you need to watch out for.

No matter what holiday you may or may not celebrate, all of us here at live.pirillo.com certainly hope you have a safe and happy one. Over 60% of house fires during the winter are caused by decorations and/or Christmas trees. That is a scary statistic. Here are some tips to help keep you safe, sent in by cb14 from our chat room.

  • Unplug the lights and decorations when you are not home, or they are otherwise not in use. Heat + a pine tree = house fire. The trees are highly flammable. Also, be sure to check all cords and plugs prior to using them for the year, for wear and tear. Throw out and replace any that look as though they are starting to fray or show bare wires. The smallest spark can possibly result in a very large disaster.
  • Make sure all external electrical decorations are well protected. Keep them away from moisture, and especially keep them away from moisture and salt. Salt and water together can also cause a fire very quickly when they come in contact with something electrical. Again, turn them off when not in use. They look great at night, but turning them off at bedtime will keep you safer… and keep your electricity bill down.
  • If you don’t have any rock salt handy, you can use table salt to keep your walkway and driveway ice free. This can help keep a lawsuit from landing in your lap, due to someone falling and becoming hurt on the ice. Try it yourself: place an ice cube in a container, and cover it with table salt. It works wonders!
  • Santa comes down the chimney, not through the door or windows. Keep those locked, and your blinds drawn when you aren’t home or are sleeping/otherwise occupied. Most home burglaries happen this time of year, and it would be awful to have the presents stolen, along with your other treasured possessions.
  • Go ahead and indulge in EggNog, but stay away from fruitcake. Fruitcake is an evil that should be avoided at all costs.

Have a wonderful holiday season, wherever you are.

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