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The Secret: Laws of Attraction

Traci asks another question of the day: “Are you happy with your dominant thoughts?

The Law of Attraction. Yes, it’s something I didn’t realize I had been doing my entire life. Living out “The Secret.”

It’s like riding a motorcycle: “Where you look is where you’ll go.” Although I don’t ride motor bikes, the statement stands.

At one point as a teenager, I remember watching a news report on something that Microsoft was doing (likely, releasing a new version of Windows). I remember thinking to myself: “Wow, it’d be really neat to be in Seattle.” That moment, the universe shifted and some years later, I’m living smack dab in the middle of the Pacific Northwest.

I also remember thinking (and telling people) that I couldn’t stand to wear ties. The last thing I ever wanted to do was take a job that would require me to get dressed up every day. Lo and behold, I’m typing this out while sitting in a ball cap, t-shirt, and pajama bottoms in my home office on Monday morning.

You make your own luck, good or bad.

I’ve been in control of my own destiny throughout my adult life, and when I felt that direction slipping away from my own grasp (namely, when I lived in Los Angeles for a couple of years), I snapped back to an internal locus of control and drove my career forward. My quality of life has been pretty good because I find myself thinking of the things I want to do.

Despite experiencing a fair amount of setbacks in recent years, I don’t feel I’m any worse for it. My dominant thoughts must thusly be positive (although, I am prone to sharing what’s on my mind – even if it sounds like I’m complaining).

I Was Thinking…

I didn’t really have time to write this weekend, so before those thoughts disappear into the ether of time – I’m pushing them back from my Twitter account and onto this page.

  • Dude. Let’s open source energy: http://urltea.com/xuu – 10 minutes ago
  • What do Dentissts, Mountains, and Gnomedex have in common? – about 2 hours ago
  • The first time I’ve ever been impressed with a Linux dev: http://urltea.com/xoe?linux – about 15 hours ago
  • Best review of the PS3 / Sony *EVER* – http://tinyurl.com/2xmkfd – about 16 hours ago
  • Derek Miller is doing WELL! 😀 http://tinyurl.com/26bwbs – about 16 hours ago
  • My iPhone conversation with @scobleizer – http://tinyurl.com/2fftys – about 16 hours ago
  • Don’t believe the corporations are in charge of America? Wake the *bleep* up. http://tinyurl.com/2d68uv – 02:13 PM July 07, 2007
  • Live Earth, or Live Hypocrisy? http://tinyurl.com/2tkpvv – 02:05 PM July 07, 2007
  • So, wait… is Live Earth a scam? I mean, who and what is going to benefit from the event? Is this another “We Are the World” catastrophe? – 01:44 PM July 07, 2007
  • I need a script to remove Twitter “Friends” who aren’t also “Followers” – it’s only fair. – 01:36 PM July 07, 2007
  • http://heyspread.com/ – The first true video sneezer service? Needs more video networks. 🙂 – 01:32 PM July 07, 2007
  • Is NSPD 51 / HSPD-20 for real?! http://tinyurl.com/2cnzet – WTF?! – 01:27 PM July 07, 2007
  • Twitter reminds me of Quotes> from ISCA BBS. I used to be “The Locker Gnome” there, setting up my account in 1992. User #31000 (ish). – 01:20 PM July 07, 2007
  • The iPonzi is OUT!!! I waited in line 33 years for this: http://www.flickr.com/photo… – 01:08 PM July 07, 2007
  • I’ll be watching iPhone software / firmware revisions with GREAT interest. I think Apple stole Vista’s “Wow.” 🙂 Too many negatives, tho… – 12:49 PM July 07, 2007
  • Okay, I get it. The iPhone is VERY nice – but I stand by all my reasons for not getting one. >:( – 12:42 PM July 07, 2007
  • There were no UFOs last night. Damn. Nice skies, though. Today, maybe Mt. Saint Helens? – 12:40 PM July 07, 2007

The Wow Starts Now?


I’m not a masochist – I’m just waiting for Apple to blow me away. That day may come with Leopard, or it may come with the iPhone. I’m getting used to medicore experiences with mediocre software – and I’m getting used to waiting for my personal computer to catch up to my expectations. Even Microsoft’s Silverlight platform runs cross-platform – which doesn’t make it any easier to stick with an OS that doesn’t really… “wow” anybody.

I’m fully willing to concede that some of my problems may be hardware related – but aren’t some hardware-related problems ultimately related to software? Mind you, I’m not using offbrand components! This particular PC is a custom-built QuadFX running atop an nForce chipset – with nVidia video cards and name-brand peripherals (HP, Logitech, etc.).

Don’t sit through this entire video – I only uploaded it (intact) to prove that I’m not crazy:

I had to reboot one more time before I was able to get going again – a full 45 minutes after the first Vista BSOD. And by “first,” I mean the first Blue Screen of Death I encountered today. They don’t happen EVERY day – but have been smacking me in the face more frequently as of late.