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What do Geeks Smell Like?

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I smell like myself, since I don’t really use any type of fragrance, other than my deodorant. I usually use chapstick, which may smell like cherries or mints. I have not purchased any kind of cologne over the past several years – since college! I never thought I could find a scent that was Geeky enough, so I stopped trying. I was happy when my friends at ThinkGeek gave me a chance to check out their newest scent… Red Shirt.

Bright, clean and direct with top notes of green mandarin, bergamot and a hint of lavender (your hope), finishing with base notes of leather and grey musk (your smoldering shoes after you’ve been vaporized). Smell like the future, because tomorrow may never come.

It’s strong, for sure. But it’s very Trekkie smelling. I kept sniffing and sniffing the bottle, because I like it. You know you want to wear it… I will be! If you really want to impress the ladies, you’re going to be ordering some today.

Red Shirt cologne – because tomorrow may never come!

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Persistence of Vision Meets LED Scanning

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You might have a scanner in your home or business. But, I’m going to show you a scanner that you probably don’t have. It’s a wand, and really nothing more than a toy. It’s very cool, though. It’s a LighTalk LED Scanner, available from our friends at ThinkGeek.

This little gadget is simple to use. Just push the button, and your image or doodle is scanned in. Then, take the pen-shaped scanner and wave it back and forth in the air. Your image will appear right in thin air for others to see. Isn’t that unreal? This is version two of this toy, and has even better features than before!

The LighTalk Scanner holds up to eight images, and has a “continuous display” mode, that allows you to cycle through all eight of your scanned pictures. Amaze your friends or co-workers with your clever doodles, and magical display of them!

After I drew my smiley face, I pressed the button and slowly scanned across my drawing. I then pressed the button again, and began waving the wand back and forth. You guys all saw that, right? The LighTalk uses a technology called Persistence of Vision.

You can scan anything with this, as long as it’s dark and the background it’s on is light. Why would you do this? Uhm – you would do it simply because you can! So there you go, just another fun little toy that I get to play with for hours on end, and possibly annoy Ponzi or the dogs with!

Save on the LighTalk Scanner with these coupons from ThinkGeek:

Find More Coupons

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Do They Make Mirrors for Computer Monitors?

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I’ve worn glasses pretty much all my life. It never bothered me, even when people called me ‘four eyes’. As a kid, I would often use my glasses to see things behind me… like when someone was trying to sneak up on me. It was kinda neat to do, you know? So what can I use in my office when I want to see behind me? You can turn your head of course, but that’s not always practical. Or, you could just pick up a C.H.I.M.P. Rearview Monitor Mirror from ThinkGeek, instead.

The C.H.I.M.P. is a convex mirror (only three inches in diameter) that fits easily on either corner of your monitor with accompanying velcro tabs. Choose between black or the new iCHIMP in stylish white.

The velcro, oddly enough, sounds like my hair when I have static cling. Seriously, my hair never moves. It’s just solid. It’s like the soft half of a velcro sticker. Really! I’m not kidding.

You can put the C.H.I.M.P. on either corner of your monitor, or set it on your desk. You could bring this with you to a coffee shop or your office. You’ll always know if someone is coming up behind you, and not be surprised again.

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Which is Better: USB Basketball or Real Basketball?

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I’m really not a sports fan at all. I am, however, a fan of USB gadgets. By default, that makes me a fan of USB Desktop Dunk. As always, if you’re interested in buying this ThinkGeek gadget, check with me for a coupon first!

It’s actually not so easy to bounce the mini basketballs off of your desk and into the hoop. But with a little practice, you can be a pro in no time. You can turn the sound off or on, allowing it to simulate game crowd noise. It will also keep score for you, so you can play against others to see who is the best.

It comes with four little bouncy balls that you can use to play. I had to demo the game for you all in this video. It quickly became apparent that I’m no basketball player. Even from within free-throw territory, I couldn’t really make many baskets. That’s ok… it’s still fun. Ok, so I lost all the balls when they overshot the basket, and landed on the floor. But geez. Do you have to rub it in?

If you’ve always wanted to have your own hoop, this takes very little space. It doesn’t need an electrical cord – it’s powered by USB. You can play for two minutes at a time, or set it to unlimited play. The biggest problem with this toy is keeping track of the balls. They’re pretty small, so it’s easy to lose them.

Let me know of any other cool USB toys and gadgets that I may need to add to my collection.

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Does Every Mad Scientist Need a USB Plasma Ball?

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This plasma ball may not look like much at first, but that’s because it needs to be plugged in to a USB port! Once you turn it on, you’ll be amazed by how fricken cool this thing is! The USB Plasma Ball is something that every mad scientist – or Geek! – needs to have in their arsenal.

Powered by an included USB cable, this desktop Plasma Ball is about stands about 6 inches high and includes an on/off switch. While it emits a very low current, it does so at a relatively high-voltage and so it does produce some EMF. Respect your plasma ball and it will respect you!

I’ve always wanted one of these, ever since I was a kid. Growing up, they were a lot larger. I used to wonder what I would do with it. The truth is, you don’t “do” anything with it. You simply touch it! I found the perfect place for it. It’s going to be on a small shelf right in the entryway to my office. People will see it, and immediately want to touch it! It will have them excited to enter the office. At least – I hope so!

Alan Davison submitted a plasma ball tip:

If you want something to do with your little plasma globe, you could.. burn things? I accidentally discovered years ago with mine, that if you put a metal on it (such as covering all or part of it with tin foil, or aluminum foil, the more, the larger the arc), and bring something conductive up to that metal, it’ll arc. Even to your finger, so, urm, watch out for burns, which it does actually do.

And if you decide to try that, keep it away from anything sensitive, be it magnetic, or anything. Sometimes when I was touching the metal covering it, the TV would change channels. That’s bad. Just a side-note, covering the globe with metal does draw the little arcs inside to the glass, so of course, it heats up.

Since I’m definitely no scientist, does this mean I’m a Mad Geek?

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What’s Your Favorite Puzzle Game of All Time?

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Even though I was attempting to read the letters backwards, this is still one of the coolest word games I’ve ever played. I love puzzles, and I love electronics. How could it get much better than that? The Cubed Electronic Puzzle Game from ThinkGeek will give you hours of fun – and hours of banging your head when you can’t figure it out!!

Some puzzles are hard. They are puzzles to the power of one. Some puzzles are super hard, and those are puzzles to the power of two (Puzzle Squared). This puzzle game is so difficult, it’s puzzle to the power of three (Puzzle Cubed, or Cubed Electronic Puzzle). Ok, so you can argue the puzzle pieces are also cubes, and that’s why it’s called what it is – but just go with us, mmkay? Because this puzzle really is hard; it’s actually 600 different puzzles in one. Here’s why:

Cubed (for short) is composed of four electronic cubes. Each one is surrounded on four sides by magnetic connectors, and each displays 1/4 of the puzzle on its LCD screen. Now, you just have to figure out how the pieces connect together as you connect the cubes via their magnets. There are even two separate games you can play: you can make pictures and icons by forming a square shape, or you can form words in a rectangular shape. All 600 puzzles are shown in the instruction manual, but when you hear the timer beeping down, there isn’t enough time to cheat. Get ten puzzles solved in a row and you win. Fail and you are (well, we won’t tell anyone…just keep trying until you win)!

Each electronic puzzle piece has an LCD screen and 4 magnetic connectors. The pieces connect together to form the puzzle solution. There are 600 different games in all!! Yes – six HUNDRED. See what I mean? You will spend literally hours and hours playing with these blocks, and still never manage to do it all. It’s just not humanly possible!

You can keep score and then compete against friends if you wish. Let me know how well you do at the word games. I’ll bet you that when I’m not playing it backwards, I can beat your score!

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Do Electronic Measuring Tools Work?

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It’s seven feet from my finger to my television. I was able to figure that out with a click of a button, using a digital measuring tool. It doesn’t only measure things, though… it’s far cooler than that! The Smart-Rule Ultrasonic Measuring Tool has six different functions!

The Smart-Rule is a distance measuring device and 6-in-1 multi-function tool. It has a built-in LCD display and laser targeting. The audible confirmation lets you know when the measurement is ready giving you measurements in both feet and meters. It also features a bright LED flashlight and quick release from key ring. Takes 3 Lithium button cell batteries. Features include:

  • 6-in-1 Multi-Function Tool
  • Distance measuring device
  • LCD display
  • Measure button with audible confirmation
  • Laser targeting
  • Feet and meter modes
  • Bright LED flashlight
  • Emergency flasher
  • Laser pointer
  • Panic alarm

As you know, your hands may not be steady when you hold something up like this little gadget. So, it is probably best to take measurements a couple of different times, to make sure they’re accurate. I wouldn’t point the laser at anyone, or set off the panic alarm in close range to someone as a joke! There’s a ball-point pen that flips out from the side to write down your measurements… so I guess you’re getting a bonus feature for free!

Save money on the Smart-Rule with these coupons from ThinkGeek:

Find More Coupons

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Are You Looking to Buy a Pet Collar Cam?

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I’m sitting here showing Wicket the slideshow of images that were gathered from the digital camera that hangs off of his collar. He didn’t seem to be too interested in watching, until he saw pictures of his new rawhide bone. We were checking out pictures taken with Pixie’s new Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera.

Set the timer to record a shot every 1, 5, or 15 minutes and the Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera is good to go. At the end of the day, you can download the shots to your computer and see what your pet did all day. The camera is plug-and-play, so there’s no software to load. Features include:

  • 1, 5, 15 minute interval timer
  • PC and Mac compatible – true plug-and-play
  • 8mb SDRAM internal memory (not expandable)
  • Resolution: 640 x 480
  • Image capacity: 40 (jpeg)

The battery in the camera charges via USB, and allows you about 1-2 hours of usage out of each charge. The worst thing is that the camera doesn’t come with any instructions – and there aren’t any on the website, either! Sadly, there’s also a proprietary USB cable needed to charge, instead of being able to use a mini-USB.

It is easy to use, for sure. It’s also interesting to see exactly what it is that your pets are up to when you aren’t at home. Are you sure they are just lying around, anxiously awaiting your return?

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What Kind of Drink Coasters do You Use?

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When you have a glass or mug with condensation on the bottom, you should set it down on a coaster. You don’t want it damaging your furniture, right? If you’re going to use a coaster anyway, why not use a fun LED coaster? The Glowing UFO Drink Coasters are not only functional, they’re also a great conversation starter for your next party!

These drink coasters are designed to not only protect your furniture from condensation rings but also glow with an inner fire that illuminates your drinks. Simple pressure-sensitive pads in the base switch the coaster from blinking, to blinking between individual colors, to steady-on, so you can personalize your alcoholic experience. One coaster per unit purchased, so get as many as you need!

These are clear plastic drink coasters, with six LEDs inside of each of them. You can set them to flash between the red, green and blue lights, or light up all colors at the same time! They’re little LED lights attached to a circuit board, running off of the LR44 batteries. Even if you forget to turn these coasters off and kill the batteries, it’s cheap to replace them. You can buy like a hundred of them for about ten bucks.

I have four of these, because you can’t just have one. You need a full set! And if you allow your company to use glasses without coasters, you’re just crazy! These little things are really well made. They’ve done something to maximize the light that is emitted from your coaster. They’re really bright and the colors are excellent.

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How to Make Puppies Glow in the Dark

Wicket and Pixie are back, and this time – they’re sporting LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti from ThinkGeek! It’s electronic tagging for the masses! Ponzi and I hate sending them out to potty at night, because we can never see or find them. Now with these little gizmos hooked to their collars, we don’t have to worry about it anymore!

Times have changed since you got caught for doodling that cute girl’s name on your desk in elementary school. Now you can mark your territory in a non-permanent electronic fashion with the LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti. This set of 20 different LEDs each has a battery and a magnet attached. Pull the tab to activate, then toss them on any ferrous metal surface… they stick and glow brightly announcing to everyone in the vicinity that you were indeed there. But make sure you stick the LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti on stuff you own, or are able to remove them later… because gone are the days when you can post funny battery powered LED signs all over Boston and get away with it.

These lights are so bright, the dogs can see where they’re going – not that they care, of course. I’m sure ThinkGeek didn’t have this in mind when they created these lights. But, they stick to anything magnetic, including dog collars!!

What interesting and unique ways can you use these lights? You get 20 of these for only about $10.00, so you have no reason not to make your world glow!

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