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Find People to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is rolling out a new feature today called “Suggestions for You.” The aim is simple: to help you find and connect with more people who share your interests. The algorithms being used will suggest people that you may find you have something in common with. The suggestions are based on several factors including those you already follow… and the people they, in turn, follow.

Twitter is trying to make it simple. Your suggestions will show up on the main page, as well as in the Find People section. You can choose to follow them with just one click, or ignore the suggestion completely. If you ignore it, the algorithm promises to try not to suggest that user again. I’m actually glad they don’t guarantee it – nothing is perfect. I’d rather be told the truth, thanks much.

You’ll also see recommendations each time you view someone’s profile. Twitter feels that if you’re interested in the person whose page you’re checking out, you may just be interested in the other accounts, as well.

The service states that all of the features will be available for developer use. They’ll be launching an API soon so that third parties can provide the same types of suggestion features in their desktop, mobile and web applications.

All of this is geared towards helping you to connect with a wider audience. As stated on their blog: “Now, go find somebody new to follow. You never know what you might discover.”