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Do You Want a Tablet for Your PC or Mac?

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What’s your favorite input device? Maybe your favorite is your mouse or a track pad. Have you thought about trying something different – maybe a tablet surface, in conjunction with a stylus and a mouse? As long as your computer has a USB port, you can control it using either the stylus or the mouse!

The Genius MousePen Graphics Tablet is likely one of the coolest new gadgets you’ll find. The 6-Inch x 8-Inch working area with the cordless pen and mouse is great for Windows and MAC users to write, draw, sketch or sign emails. Just click the pen on any of the 29 programmable shortcut keys for instant access to Office and Internet functions.

You can use it to enter text in some kind of application on your computer. You can use it to edit photos, or even paint! It’s a pressure-sensitive device – up to 1024 levels, which is a tad tricky to get used to. I did my best trying to demonstrate it!

It’s not only a fantastic media tool for designers, a fun input device for a computer. Improve your hand-eye coordination while using the coolest and hottest new input device.

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I recently attended the WTIA Fast Pitch Forum & Technology Showcase. The conference featured two dozen of the of the hottest technology companies in Washington presenting their business in a competition for “Best In Show”. Swype presents to you a way to type blindingly fast on any touch-screen device.

Swype provides a faster and easier way to input text on any screen. By swiping your finger or stylus across the screen keyboard, you can input words faster and easier than with any other data input method… even at over 50 wpm! Trace your finger in a path across the keys needed to make your word. There’s no need to be very accurate, which allows for super-fast text entry.

The application is designed perfectly to work across any touch-screen devices, such as phones, tables, game consoles, televisions and more.

Thank goodness for an application like Swype. Do you have any idea how much time this can save you?!

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Have You Tried the Pogo iPhone Stylus?

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One of the nice things about having an iPhone is not having to carry around a Stylus. There are times, though, that I wish I had one. Things like drawing are much easier with a Stylus, since my fingers are just too big. Have you ever wanted a Stylus for your iPhone? I reviewed another Stylus recently, and wasn’t very impressed with it. This Pogo Stylus is available from ThinkGeek, and works very well!

In case you haven’t noticed the iPhone’s glassy touch sensitive screen is only sensitive to your stubby little fingers. This is because it uses a technology called capacitive touch which measures the flow of electrons through your skin. Problem is, last time we checked our fingers were pretty rounded and not too precise at picking out tiny URLs in Safari. Luckily the geniuses behind the Pogo iPhone Stylus have magically solved this problem by making a stylus that somehow tricks the iPhone into thinking it’s really a finger. What’s more, the tip of the stylus is a soft felt like material that has the added benefit of keeping your screen clean while you tap away. How do they do it? Frankly we’re not sure, but hopefully it doesn’t involve grave-robbing.

I’ve been using this for a few days now, and have had very few “mis-clicks” with it. It just works, and I love it. It has a really soft tip, which keeps your screen clean and protected. It makes drawing just so much easier. If you have fat fingers like I do, drawing on the iPhone doesn’t work out so well. The Stylus works with both the iPhone, and the iPod Touch. In Safari, if I want to click a link, the iPhone won’t always register the click I try to do with my finger. With the Stylus, the links click right off the bat.

What other iPhone accessories do you use and love that I haven’t tried yet? Be sure to let me know about them so I can share them with the World.

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Does the iPhone or iPod Touch Need a Stylus?

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Ollie recently sent me an iTunes gift card, wanting me to try out the Pogo Stylus for my iPhone. He had previously tried the FlipBook App, but felt it had more features than any iPhone App should have. In his mind, quantity did not necessarily equal quality. So, I took him up on the offer, and checked out the Pogo Stylus for myself.

The sleek design of the Pogo Stylus features an ultra-light aluminum body with an anodized finish and laser graphics. The soft tip glides easily over the surface of the display, making it fun and easy to sketch, draw characters, or just slide to unlock. Sized for accuracy, it does away with the awkward typos and misfires common to fingertip-only use.

Eliminating fingers has the added benefit of keeping the screen free of smudges and grease. Designed to firmly hug the contours of the iPhone 3G, the Pogo Stylus travel clip will keep your stylus close at hand. A second clip is included for the original iPhone and iPod touch.

Using the Stylus, I can do everything my fingers would do. However, what if you want to paint or draw with precision? There are tons of photo editing and drawing Apps available for the iPhone. If you’ve tried one of these, you wouldn’t ask me why I’m not just using my fingers. The Stylus is easy to use, and the pointed tip allows you to get really precise. Another cool feature is that the tip is made of a soft felt material, which keeps your iPod or iPhone screen clean and scratch-free.

If you’re looking to do any type of photo editing or drawing, you seriously need to have one of these. It makes things so much easier.


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Tablet Stylus Mouse?

http://live.pirillo.com/ – It’s possible to use a stylus to control your cursor without having a Tablet PC. With a tablet you can use the mouse with a pen-like device called a stylus.

A tablet is generally used by people who work with computer graphics so they can draw as if they were using a pencil (many artists only work well with pens as opposed to using a mouse). Wacom makes tablets that many graphics artists have fallen in love with.

Do you use a tablet and stylus device? Do you prefer the stylus or the mouse?

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