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Right and Write

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Someone sent you a link to this video because you apparently don’t know the difference between the words right and write. Did you not pay attention back in about the second grade? Okay, fine… maybe it was fifth grade. In any case, if you’re old enough to watch this video, you’re old enough to know when and how to properly use those words.

Right is an adjective that means: in accordance with what is good, proper, or just. An appropriate use of this word would be in a sentence such as: She had the right idea all along..

Write simply means to put letters, words or characters onto something such as paper, by using an instrument such as a pen or pencil. Using this word properly in a sentence is easy: I am going to write out my grocery list before I leave..

Now – how hard was that? Can you please remember the meanings, and use these words the way they are supposed to be?! Seriously…

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Where Am I?

Where am I

Yes, you heard me right… this is the stupidest place I’ve ever seen!! I was standing in front of The Stupid Factory in Hawaii! David and Goliath just so happens to be a leading apparel designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer. We make stupid stuff, so you don’t have to. T-shirts, lounge wear, and fashion apparel that is mixed with our unique blend of attitude and sense of humor. With a growing collection of characters and sayings on soft fabric and great treatments, David and Goliath is light years ahead of the wanna-be competition and we don’t have plans on letting up.

With a focus on the 14-24 girl’s age group, David and Goliath has carved a customer niche that is forged in love and stupidity. And we have it down to a stupid science. And now we are branching more into the 18-30 men’s fashion apparel market with Goliath by David and Goliath. We are all really excited, in fact almost too excited. Let me calm down here, where’s that brown paper bag at? Breathe.