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Learning the Alphabet with Star Wars

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What better way to learn your ABCs than by having a beautifully illustrated Star Wars book to help? Every penny of your book donation will go to the college fund of the author’s child. If I ever have kids, they will totally be learning all about Star Wars, and maybe they will even learn the alphabet.

A is for Ackbar is a collaborative effort by Brandon and his wife Emma. While she was pregnant with their first child, they wanted to come up with an artistic way to decorate their son’s nursery. Being huge Star Wars fans AND artists, they came up with something pretty unique. Thus, the book was born.

Brandon sketched the artwork and Emma colored them in using Illustrator. This team effort turned into something that neither ever expected. In December, they held a “donation drive” to help kickstart their son’s college education fund. They were so overwhelmed by demand that they had to close down the drive a little early – well ahead of their goal.

Keep your eyes on the site in the coming months to find out how you can get a copy for yourself. This is something that will add nicely to any Star Wars collection. I’m not so sure how well it will stand up to real kids, though.

Star Wars Sound Effects Book Look: Jeditacular

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If you are as big of a Star Wars fan as I am, you love every sound in each of the movies. I love the little noises R2-D2 makes. It’s awesome to hear Chewbacca’s adorable little Wookiee sounds. Now you don’t have to watch the movies in order to hear your favorites sounds. Just grab the new Sounds of Star Wars book and enjoy!

Any Star Wars fan can mimic Darth Vader’s voice or Chewbacca’s roar with ease. But how many of them would be able to identify the lion’s roar used in the sound of the Millenium Falcon’s engine? You’ll find the illuminating history of the sounds that make the Star Wars universe so believable. An attached sound module with an exterior speaker and headphone jack lets readers listen to more than 250 unique sound effects.

The book is very well put-together and is filled with illustrations. The history and information will surprise you: it explains several scenes you may have been puzzled over when watching the movies. There are details in this book that you’d have never thought about, let alone asked to be included.

Every Star Wars fan should have one of these. I know mine won’t be relegated to a shelf somewhere. It’s on a table within easy reach so that I can listen to Chewie or Vader at the touch of a button.

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