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Top Furniture for Geeks

Just a few short years ago, the word Geek still had negative connotations attached to it. Companies didn’t really make products designed specifically for those of us who proudly label ourselves as Geeks. Today, though, all of that has changed. It seems that nearly every company now sells products aimed at our Geeky side. You can find everything from shower accessories to jewelry – and everything in between! There are several websites dedicated to selling nothing but Geek items. If you know where to look, you can even find some amazing Geek furnishings for your home!!

Scrabble Furniture

Periodic Table

Nintendo Chair

Captain Kirk Chair

Geek Shower

Geek Door Lock

CD Chair

Book Chair

Pac-Man Shelves

Pac-Man Coffee Table

LEGO Couch

Number Keys Seat

Rubik’s Cube Tables

Calculator Chairs


These are just a few of the things that I’ve come across on my travels across the web. What Geeky furniture have you seen, that I may have missed?

Some of the furniture pictures were also featured in a blog post on Geek.Ology.

What do Geeks Smell Like?

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I smell like myself, since I don’t really use any type of fragrance, other than my deodorant. I usually use chapstick, which may smell like cherries or mints. I have not purchased any kind of cologne over the past several years – since college! I never thought I could find a scent that was Geeky enough, so I stopped trying. I was happy when my friends at ThinkGeek gave me a chance to check out their newest scent… Red Shirt.

Bright, clean and direct with top notes of green mandarin, bergamot and a hint of lavender (your hope), finishing with base notes of leather and grey musk (your smoldering shoes after you’ve been vaporized). Smell like the future, because tomorrow may never come.

It’s strong, for sure. But it’s very Trekkie smelling. I kept sniffing and sniffing the bottle, because I like it. You know you want to wear it… I will be! If you really want to impress the ladies, you’re going to be ordering some today.

Red Shirt cologne – because tomorrow may never come!

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Which Star Trek do You Like the Most?

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Setting phasers to stun, Captain! Shoot to kill! I have two phasers here! It’s like a classic Star Trek phaser, with several different settings. Don’t you wish you were this cool? You can toggle whether or not the light shines through the phaser or not, or you can pop out the smaller part to carry around with you! Do you see the light? This isn’t enough for you, eh? You say you want a Star Trek communicator, as well? Oh, well I have one of those too. So hah! In your face!

This is nice little set, if you happen to love the classic Star Trek. I was more a fan of the Next Generation, but not so much Enterprise. It just didn’t do it for me. What are some other toys from the original Star Trek? Oh yes! How could I forget my cute little Tribble? You have to be careful with those. They’ll multiply before you know it.

In the 23rd century, an enterprising trader named Cyrano Jones procured an interesting and adorable little creature. These tiny furry beasties had a calming effect on the nervous systems of humanoids – well most humanoids, anyway. They were called tribbles.

These tribbles, when they’re not busy being cute and purring, were prodigious breeders. As one country-doctor once quipped, “Well, the nearest thing that I can figure is that they’re born pregnant – which appears to be quite a time-saver!” In fact, their ability to multiply is so incredible, they can fill an entire cargo hold in three days – that’s one million, seventy-one thousand, five hundred sixty one tribbles… assuming one tribble with an average litter of ten producing a new generation every twelve hours. That’s some impressive breeding, right there. It would make any man want to high-five any tribble, except tribbles don’t have arms.

These tribbles, however, are genetically altered to be sterile. In fact, ThinkGeek will guarantee that, should our tribbles somehow begin to multiply, we will dispatch someone to remove the infestation from your starship or space-station – even if it takes seventeen-point-nine years.

If you’ve always wanted a phaser, or a communicator, or even a Tribble, you can pick them up at ThinkGeek! Make sure you ask me for a coupon, because I usually have one. Out of these three, I have to say I like the Tribble the most!

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Wurzels, Ratchets, and Star Trek… Oh, My!

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