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Berry Sweet Taste

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The Funky Food Shop sent me something new to try since my review of the Space food went over so well. I was a little nervous about these mBerry tablets. You’re supposed to dissolve them on your tongue and then eat something that is normally bitter or sour tasting. According to the package, whatever you’re eating will completely change in taste and end up being sweet. I’ll try anything once!

There’s no fats or anything crazy like that inside of these all-natural tablets. They contain a natural protein that will bind with the flavor receptors on your tongue. This is what makes sour things taste sweet. It also brings out the natural sweetness of things such as peppers or tomatoes. The miracle berries have been found helpful for people who must limit sugar in their diets, as well as those who have a diminished sense of taste. Dissolving an mBerry tablet on their tongue prior to eating can greatly enhance the flavors of the foods.

The tablets are made from compressed, freeze-dried miracle berries. They’re much more convenient than buying and eating the berries themselves, and less expensive. The effects of just one tablet will last for about an hour, so you don’t have to keep using them each time you take a few bites. Dissolve one on your tongue and enjoy your entire meal.

I have to admit they work. I would have never imagined myself sitting here eating an actual lemon until now. It’s really sweet tasting, and was delicious!

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What Does Space Food Taste Like?

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I’m no stranger to strange foods. When given the opportunity to sample some space snacks, I jumped at the chance. Today, I received the Prof. Retro’s Space Food Sampler on my doorstep. I decided that I had to do a live tasting of each product inside the cute little box.

There are several different freeze-dried snacks in the nifty gift box:

  • Neapolitan Astronaut Ice Cream
  • Chocolate with Chocolate Chips Astronaut Ice Cream
  • Mint Chocolate Astronaut Ice Cream
  • Freeze-dried Astronaut Apples
  • Freeze-dried Apple-Cinnamon wedges
  • Freeze-dried Astronaut Bananas
  • Freeze-dried Astronaut Strawberries
  • Chocolate Space Food Sticks
  • Peanut Butter Space Food Sticks
  • Four Splashdown Flavor Stix for bottled water: Lunar Lemonade, Intergalactic Grape, Lemon-Lime and Crater-Ade.

I was honestly shocked at how good this stuff tastes. First up was the freeze-dried strawberries. They were a lot yummier than I expected, even though the water has been removed. They’re healthy… the entire package only has 50 calories in it!

The Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream smells minty, and tastes bizarre in a good way. Even though it’s not cold, it still tastes exactly how the ice cream itself would. The consistency at first was chalky, but as it dissolved it was just… wow! The Chocolate with Chocolate Chips ice cream was much the same. Holy cow… I could totally get in to eating space food for snacks all the time!

There’s hydrogenated oil in the Cookies and Cream ice cream bar. I wasn’t too happy to see that, but I gave it a taste just the same. I figured the oil was found in the cookie part, so I avoided that. No offense to the company… I just made a health choice for myself that I feel is best. The ice cream was yummy, though.

The apple-cinnamon wedges were crunchy and to die for. They’re seriously awesome, folks. No joke… you should buy these and put them on your cereal or just eat as snacks. They’re likely my new favorite snack. At only fifty calories a bag, I can snack all day long.

The Peanut Butter protein stick didn’t look too appetizing when I opened it, but I decided to try. It’s chewy, which I didn’t expect. Believe it or not, though, it wasn’t half-bad. I enjoyed it and it’s a heck of a lot better than most energy bars I’ve tried in the past.

The chocolate version of the energy bar is delish, as well. I’d say, though, that the strawberries and apples were my favorites. I like every one of these products… even though I am not crazy about the fake oil in the cookies ‘n’ cream bars. Perhaps astronauts should eat a bit healthier and cut those out of their diets.

You should grab some of these for yourself. They make awesome snacks, and great party treats.

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