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What’s the Easiest Way to Convert Data in Spreadsheets?

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If you need to calculate numbers on your computer, you use a spreadsheet. You may even use a spreadsheet to keep track of names, addresses or phone numbers. How annoying is it if people don’t put certain elements into fields on a spreadsheet? Say for instance someone has over 400 phone numbers in a spreadsheet, but none of them have dashes between each subset. How much of a pain would it be for you to have to manually edit each and every one of those fields? This is where Magic/Replace can come in handy.

You can easily clean up your data, without a magic wand. Upload your saved spreadsheet, or paste in what you need to work with. Edit only one row of your text, such as a phone number (by adding dashes or parenthesis) and click the “update” button. Magically every row of your spreadsheet will update with those changes in the same columns.

How easy is this? This is a million times better and faster than attempting to edit each field by hand. That would take you hours! I love these web-based tools. Keep them coming!

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GTD: Keeping Your Inbox Clean

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A community member wrote: “I receive about 220 emails a day (I know that’s nothing compared to what you get, Chris, but it’s a lot for us normal folk), and I sometimes find it hard to manage my Inbox. Over time, I came up with these tips for managing my Email more efficiently, and I thought that I would pass them along.”

  • Send replies in bulk. For you Yahoo Mail users, I’m not talking about “bulk” as in “spam”, I mean group your replies to Emails. If several people have the same question, send the same message to those multiple Email addresses. This will save time, and it will save you a lot of stress.
  • Publicly address common questions. Also, if several people have the same question, you could publicly address that issue (in a blog, a faq, etc.). This will cut down on the amount of Email you receive with that question.
  • Don’t reply to rude people. If someone is being rude, don’t reply to them. This is a waste of time, as your response will either be ignored or will trigger another rude response. If someone continues to be rude, block their email address.
  • Have a good spam blocker. Make sure that the Email program you’re using has a good Spam blocker, so no junk gets into your Inbox. Gmail on the Web is a good example, and Thunderbird for the desktop is also good.
  • Make your responses short and simple. Don’t type out extremely long responses to Emails. Chances are, the person you’re sending it to won’t read through it. Just explain the basics in a sentence or two (no more than a paragraph), and hit “send”. However, be careful with your wording. You don’t want to seem curt, as this will probably provoke a rude response.


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