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Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

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Super Bowl Sunday is famous for something other than just football! It’s also all about the snacks you put out for everyone to nom on during the game! I had to call in an expert, since I’m not a football person myself. Thankfully, my Dad is here visiting and could give me a hand. I’m also not a cook, so I am grateful that Imei was here to lend a hand with food preparation!

Imei helped us come up with five traditional Super Bowl snacks, as well as five not so traditional ones! I’m happy to report that all of them are yummy, and sure to be a big hit with your crowd!

Traditional Snacks

  • Chips with guacamole dip or 7 layer bean dip – We used Fritos’ Scoops, and got store bought pre-made guacamole. If you want to go with homemade, use ripe avocados, diced red onions, and minced jalapeno pepper. The bean dip was also store bought, but it has refried beans, sour cream, grated cheddar cheese, guacamole, lettuce, and salsa. I would add a top layer of crumbled bacon bits just to make you die and go to heaven!
  • Sliders – Mini hamburgers plus 2 or 3 accompanying sauces to choose from! We used grain-fed ground beef, formed into two inch in diameter patties, one inch high, cooked on stove top with light oil until juices run clear. Add some Tomato slices, onion, ketchup, and dijon mustard.
  • Nachos – Add melted shredded cheese, ground beef, sliced olives, pepperonchinis. We used whole wheat multi-grain Tostitos brand chips (there’s still corn in it, but less).
  • All-beef franks/wursts with sauerkraut – Hebrew all beef franks, boiled five minutes.
  • Veggie tray with assorted dips – You can easily buy these at the store, or make up your own! It’s fun doing your own, and choosing the types of veggies and dips you want to have on hand.

Non-Traditional Snacks

  • California Sushi Roll – You can use crab, but we used cooked wild salmon, which can be mashed with Rooster (hot sauce) or soy with Wasabi mustard; sushi rice with rice vinegar; seaweed on the outside. Roll and slice with sharp knife.
  • Prosciutto and Feta cheese – We used store bought Proscuitto, wrapped it with a spoonful of Feta cheese, and sporked it with a toothpick.
  • Fondue with apples and bread cubes for dipping – We used Laughing Goat Cheese, melted in the microwave! Add two tablespoons of Martini and Rossi or Vodka. Cut up some Granny Smith apples and cube some thick bread for dipping.
  • Tempura chips and fries – Instead of regular batter, use Tempura batter – took some of the salmon and dipped in Tempura batter (buy at store, add water and whisk gently). Cook thoroughly on stovetop. You can also Tempura vegetables, including green beans. This is a great way to get men to eat their vegetables! Use a good vegetable oil without transfats.
  • Boiled soybeans encrusted with rock salt – Edamame can be found in the frozen food section. Boil for five minutes and then drain. Add a tablespoon of rock salt.

Thanks to Imei, I know that my Super Bowl snacks will be a huge hit this year! What’s your favorite Super Bowl snack of all time?! What can’t you live without during the big game?

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I Do Not Eat Donuts

We met a couple of new friends in downtown Seattle this afternoon. Lunch was extremely filling, but that didn’t stop us from getting sucked into a nearby Top Pot establishment – makers of fine donuts and other tasty pastries.

At first, I thought I could resist temptation. Then they told us that every one of their products was trans-fat free. Whoa! I was under the assumption that Mighty-O was the only donuttery in town that avoided hydrogenated oils.

One small bite turned into… eating the whole dang donut. It was covered with granulated sugar, and I knew I was taking in 1/3 of my daily calorie allotment (2,000 a day). Still, I couldn’t stop myself. I’m paying the price now, of course – feeling somewhat lethargic in the early evening hours.

At least sleeping would keep me from eating any more today! I felt guilty, so I tweeted my crime. Friends responded:

aaronmccall: Do you ever get by Mighty O? I hear they have organic donuts.

about 3 minutes ago

mattscinto: At least you didn’t have a Baskin Robbins Oreo shake.. 2,600 calories!

about 40 minutes ago

baseballboy6411: LOL that sounds good

about 50 minutes ago

angellr: Hey, U R skinny enough 2 handle 1K Calories … go grab sum Wasabi gum, it shld help melt off sum of those calories! <VBG>

about 53 minutes ago

mathheadinc: You’re allowed. You have a HIGH metabloism.

about 56 minutes ago

powerwriter: Don’t feel guilty. We’re allowed to cheat from time to time.

about 57 minutes ago

lisalee: Ahh live a little. 😉 You&#39re fine. Treat yourself. 🙂

18 seconds ago

nwwaew: The donuts are a lie?

about 6 minutes ago

trapline91: Don&#39t be hard on yourself

about 7 minutes ago

raiderrobert: I do. They taste good. Had Dunkin&#39 donuts this morning.

about 8 minutes ago

SocialMind: criminal

about 9 minutes ago

Ledzeppelin99: everyone eats donuts. I think.

about 9 minutes ago

abcd91: how dare you!!! donuts are like (aside from iPods) man&#39s greatest creation!!!!

about 10 minutes ago

travisehrlich: I too do not eat donuts. Used to when I was fat! No more my friend!

about 11 minutes ago

Vatsek: Chris, why don&#39t you have another donut, and two more for Ponzi.

about 12 minutes ago

itsonlywords: Wow, I&#39ve live in the Seattle area my whole life and I&#39ve never even heard of those places. Dang it, now I must try to resist.

about 12 minutes ago

jschnees: donuts and pastries in general are just awesome

about 13 minutes ago

There’s a reason I don’t eat donuts… they’re just no good for you.

What Do You Eat for the Munchies?

Ponzi heard about this thing called ‘Bistro MD’ and we decided to give it a shot this week. After the first day with the program, we’re ready to try anything else. Since the cardboard-flavored oatmeal this morning, I’ve been snacking all day. Yes, I’ve had a severe case of the munchies.

Mark Sissons submits his list of favourite “decadent” munchies – not necessarily healthy! Also, in no particular order of preference…

  • BBQ’d fresh ground lean beef burger on a sesame seed topped kaiser (one that is toasted right on the grill). As it happens, he stick with ketchup as the condiment, but spices the patty before it goes on the grill (pepper, garlic powder, minced onion, season salt, Heinz regular BBQ sauce).
  • Salt & Vinegar potato chips – must be fairly fresh of course… the more vinegar taste, the better.
  • Regular Coca-Cola… NOT PEPSI! Super-cold, just a bit above freezing… no ice, of course.
  • Really good Chinese lemon chicken – preferably with a light corn starch batter. Best if it is REAL lemon sauce made with fresh lemons. Also, some places use frozen battered chicken filets… not that great, usually.
  • A homemade pure maple syrup & vanilla flavored milkshake, extra thick. Grade 3 DARK Maple Syrup is best (look in the “organic” section).

I had some protein pellets a few minutes ago. This is not a snack for eating – this is a snack for laying down and avoiding.